Now that the News of the World is closing, Reuters reports the paper may be able to destroy records relevant to pending litigation
The lovely folk at Imagine Fashion managed to grab an exclusive chat with the silver-haired coinosseur of couture, Karl Lagerfeld
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Tonight the long-awaited Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 world premiere will transform both Leicester Square
The controversial Princess Diana documentary, telling of a conspiracy surrounding her death, will receive its first public
Milla Jovovich, Hilary Alexander and Alexa Chung turn out at Paris Fashion Week to watch Karl Lagerfeld's latest Chanel collection
A pub in Yorkshire made a fish & chips dish on Saturday, breaking the Guinness World Record. It took an hour to fry. In total
Hugh Grant, commenting on phone hacking, says he is repulsed but not surprised by the latest allegations made against the
LOS ANGELES - The central innovation behind what has become one of the fastest-growing technology companies on earth was
Yvette Cooper was doing so well on Dermot Murnaghan's Sunday morning show on Sky News - on message, pounding out those Ed