Viva Forever

The ultimate girl group are back and if you Wannabe there, then you better watch this video. Five become four as Posh Spice declined to join them but there is plenty more to Spice Up Your Life. So Stop what you’re doing and prepare yourself for a return to SpiceWorld.
I never saw Viva Forever - the Spice Girls musical. That apparently may have been the worst show ever on a London stage but American Lulu must run it close.
The Spice Girls musical, 'Viva Forever' is to close next month. The curtain will go down on the stage show, which features
There was once a time when the Spice Girls getting together was an exciting occasion, but recently it seems like we've seen
The truth is, the vast majority of the allegedly professional critics in question wrote their Viva Forever! reviews based on the Girls' admittedly less than extensive back catalogue rather than the hard work of the Viva Forever! team
The Spice Girls' musical may have been universally panned, but this is what THEY had to say afterwards... In the video above
2starsentertainmentFortunately, the world premiere of the Spice Girls' musical certainly had its moments of high drama which kept the audience glued. Unfortunately, none of it was happening on the stage. Everyone in the theatre was watching the Spice Girls (four of them), who were themselves staring at Victoria Beckham, sitting two rows behind with her family, and gazing at the floor. Perhaps she knew something the rest of us didn't.
The Spice Girls' new musical Viva Forever! has been hit with scathing reviews - with critics branding the West End show "a
The Spice Girls united in London on Wednesday evening for the world premiere of the musical based on their songs, 'Viva Forever
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