Women In Politics

'Take the risk, have a bit of fun and learn along the way.'
To say that Valerie Amos has an impressive career history is an understatement.  "I was the first black woman in a British
It's obvious from Hardman's tweets that she thought more than once about whether to draw attention to the incident, and quite deliberately didn't mention the MP's name. She spoke carefully, flagging up unacceptable sexist behaviour rather than encouraging a personal attack on the individual that said it.
It was with a sinking heart that I watched Pakistani women talking about being blocked into entering politics on Newsnight for the second time in a matter of weeks. But this stuff isn't just historical, it is happening today, leaving me disheartened and disgusted.
There is one thing I think that we women have that our brothers should envy and replicate - we have each other. The relationships I have had with women are life-changing. It is hard to put in to words the awesomeness of female friendship, many writers have tried to get the depth of women's relationships to leap off a page or transmit on to our screens.
Being a candidate for the Women's Equality Party is about being a pioneer. We want to shape a new kind of politics. WE are looking for people who share our values and demonstrate them in their everyday lives; people who thrive on variety, relish bringing the best out of people and are committed to standing up for what's right and fair.
In the course of my work on gender equality I always find it fascinating to hear differing views on how successful women
With women now making up 25% of FTSE 100 boards, the launch of the final Davies report yesterday was a celebration of a great milestone in the mission for gender equality in UK boardrooms. But as the report made clear, there is still a great deal more to be done.
By pushing to address the matter of gender equality and incorporate women into senior roles Jeremy Corbyn has shed more light on the overall problem that still exists. Parliament is predominantly male. There are 268 more men on those green benches than women.
It isn't progressive to elect a woman as leader regardless of what her policies are - it's ridiculous, and patronizing too. We. Are. Different. Some of us like ice cream, some of us don't. Some of us like capitalism, some of us aren't such big fans. Sharing the same genitalia does not mean you will share the same values.