If Capetonians ever hit 'day zero', the freedom to flush or not to flush will no longer be ours.
The Paris Agreement on climate change gave the world real hope that through collective leadership and shared responsibility we can solve the problem that is climate change. Every nation has a part to play and its clear the UK Government needs to be doing more as a global leader on climate action.
It's perhaps not a surprise then that these blustery conditions led to wind turbines providing a huge amount of power to the National Grid over the month. Indeed for 15 days wind power provided over 100% of Scotland's entire electricity demand and over the course of the month provided enough to power over four million homes.
Next month, world leaders will convene at COP23 in Bonn to embark on the second round of discussions about the future of
My partner Brad and I are with a small group of guests on a small rubber power boat called a Zodiac, at the Chiswell Islands in the Gulf of Alaska. A Humpback whale has been feeding around us, at the surface of the water, for 45 minutes.
The World Wide Fund for Nature has responded to the professor's controversial statements about diet and the environment.
"Now is not the time to be silent. Find good news sources, get educated, read: that's what makes you powerful."
“Now is not the time to be silent. Find good news sources, get educated, read: that’s what makes you powerful.” Read more
South Africa’s recent downgrade means that investment into SA will dwindle. Interest rates will likely rise. Inflation will go up.
2016 has been a terrible year in many ways and seen so many special people leave this earth but for the first time in conservation history, we've seen an increase in wild tigers. Your favourite animal.