30/01/2012 18:08 GMT | Updated 31/03/2012 06:12 BST

Jimmy Choo Autumn Winter 2012 Men's Collection P*rno Camo

If you've even the most passing interest in menswear, and you checked out the photos of Pitti then the explosion of camo as a trend can not have escaped your attention. Now I don't know what it is about the current economic woes or more that seems to be making editors and tastemakers flock to this, but I'm loving it. Is it a desire to hide away? Or perhaps an attempt to butch it up and tough it all out like a brave little soldier? Who knows?

Jimmy Choo for Autumn Winter is certainly embracing it, with Bond-esque pinup silhouettes in varying shades of olive, and chocolate making a print that is likely to get you noticed. It covers shoes, bags, wallets and scarves. I love it! 

Chesam - Shiny Calf Flannel - Jimmy Choo

But what of the rest of the collection? Well every range has grown or been tweaked. With core ranges evolving and shapes being nudged a bit more rounded here, a tassel removed there, it's without a doubt still an exciting range before you even get into any kind of naked lady camouflage. With printed ponyskin, mixes of flannels and fabrics, and more I really loved the collection. 

Sloane - Printed Pony - Jimmy Choo

Now I wont lie to you and say I'd buy it all, frankly there is no way I would have the nerve to attempt the Jimi Hendrix inspired python looks. This isn't that I don't love them, far from it, I'm just not brave enough. You however should be. No really you should, the boots are fantastic! 

I am a complete lover of quality craftsmanship and having felt the suede on the below shoe I'm in love! I also adore how is coloured on the inside and therefore the seams. Brilliant way of adding a flash of bright to a winter look. 

There is of course more, so much more to the range, trainers, biker boots (also having major wants for these!) bags (the lust level goes without saying on these). The fact the lovely ladies at Jimmy Choo furnished me with coffee on a freezing Milano day did nothing to dissuade me of course, but I really can not wait for these to drop in store. And as for the scarf well it's been a long time a naked lady was drapped around my neck if I'm honest but for Jimmy I'll make an exception.