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How 20th Century Are You?

Have you truly embraced your 21st Century wild-side and gone out like a wrecking ball? Or did you do it differently in your day? Take a look at our nostalgic line up to see how 20th Century you really are.

Right now, this very second, you're time travelling into the future, getting deeper and deeper into the bizarre arms of the 21st Century. Full of twerking celebrities and pronouncing strange keyboard signs that went untouched for years, you are moving forward faster than you could say The Funky Gibbon. Have you truly embraced your 21st Century wild-side and gone out like a wrecking ball? Or did you do it differently in your day? Take a look at our nostalgic line up to see how 20th Century you really are.

1. Do you miss Ceefax?

That crazy old 70s teletext service that was like a strange cross between a newspaper and the internet on your telly. You didn't even have to leave the comfort of your humble abode. You could just press the obscure corresponding button on your zapper. You could get anything from news to the lottery, from sci-fi to business and the weather. And if you went on Channel 4, you could even get the bamboozle quiz. Remember that thing? Good times!

2. You have fonder memories with the VHS than the DVD.

For me, nothing will beat my childhood days of renting one of the original Star Wars films on VHS every Saturday night. We know DVD, you can provide us with higher quality and extra features, but you weren't there. VHS was Queen of the home entertainment system. She ruled her kingdom with love and grace and was never put off by a scratch or a smudge. Sure, we had to rewind it, but that was all part of the lovin'.

3. And if you missed something on telly...

You'd have to miss it. Or tape it. There was no catch up service in those days. If you taped it, you'd have to hope that you remembered to check it was an old tape. There'd be hell to pay if you taped over someone else's program.

4. The music was much better.

Whether you were caught up in the rock and roll madness of the 50s or the new romantic phantasmagoria of the 80s, when you went out partying you did it in style. You would never take any building equipment with you and you even managed to keep your clothes on. Unless Tom Jones was playing of course....

5. Hashtag meant something completely different back then.

Along with a couple of exclamation marks and an '@', the hashtag was part of a group of symbols that usually helped to portray the colourful side of language in cartoons. I guess the hashtag wanted to go solo nowadays. The split can't have been very good though. I don't think the exclamation marks talk to the @ and the # much any more. Especially since the whirlwind romance in Twitter. Phew!

6. Phones had wires, not screens.

They were also attached to a wall with a really stringy piece of rubber cord. It was like a stale cheese string I guess. Probably tastes better than a cheese string too. Although I wouldn't advise tasting it.

7. You still find yourself watching the Fresh Prince.

It's just one of the greatest things to come out of the nineties. Let's face it, its still pretty damn funny and there's quite a lot of sweet moments in there as well. Nothing quite like the days of backward baseball caps, baggy trousers and 'you're moving in with your Uncle and Auntie to a town called Bel Air.'

8. Eating dinner in front of the telly...

Used to be reserved for a special occasion only. It still feels very naughty now, but it's a nice treat every now and again.

9. Best friends are people, not computers.

Our best friend was usually someone tangible, not a rectangular object with a touch screen and the ability to take a picture of ourselves. Although a real friend could do that if they actually had a camera on them...but the chances were a lot slimmer in those days.

10. Phones at the table.

We never used to get our phones out at the table. Although it was a bit trickier for us to do that anyway (see number 6), but still the point remains. If we were playing a game at the table, it was usually after dinner. Whatever happened to a good old card game or even a board game?

How well did you do? Feeling nostalgic?

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