13/03/2012 08:35 GMT | Updated 12/05/2012 06:12 BST

Six Secrets to Not Having a Six Pack - INSTANTLY

Do you know how hard it is to get a six pack? Have you ever tried?

I did once. I was young, impulsive and had all my own hair. I committed to a regime of healthy eating, vigorous cardio workouts and 1000 crunches a day.

Do you know the massive impact of 1000 crunches a day? It's back ache.

After three months of this regime I was up to a 2.5 pack and bored beyond belief. I can't remember what happened at that point...I suspect I had a family size Dairy Milk bar and forgot the whole thing.

The point is without either a) living in a gym, hiring a personal trainer and devoting yourself to nothing else or b) getting a top flight make up artist to draw on a six pack - the average Men's Health cover model six pack is unobtainable to most men over the age of 23. And yet it's becoming an 'expectation'.

Male grooming has been on the rise since someone cleverly put together the words 'metro' and 'sexual' a few years ago. This has a lot of positives including prompting man blokes to actually wash and many others to buy trousers they can fit their entire arse into.

The problem is it's started to go much further than just 'being healthy' or 'a bit of grooming' and men are starting to become obsessed, vain and insecure about every little defect.

How about this - how about we all have a deal, man and woman a like that we'll all keep a good standard of basic hygiene but apart from that no one really cares (because really who does) and we'll go back to the 70s when people looked a bit rubbish but basically just gone on with it??

Find out about the latest male grooming fad - which is a real thing despite sounding totally made up - in this video...