09/05/2012 18:21 BST | Updated 08/07/2012 06:12 BST

Kate Middleton Inappropriately Dressed - Again

The weather may be causing havoc to a few unfortunate flood plainers but spare a thought for my fellow fashion fretters. One of them, namely Kate Middleton, not usually a fretter, found herself at the mercy of the shoulder season.

To explain, it's the season which sits between when the shops stop selling winter clothes but the weather refuses to cooperate. Kate bravely opted for the no tights/no jacket approach, and we were all thinking: she must be bloody freezing. But at least she had a Royal Brolly Bearer. But what about us minions? Fine, so we fretters know we can don a biker jacket, ankle boots and thick tights to get us through the current fashion - weather face off but it's the waiting we can't stand.

We have, for weeks, been stock piling this year's alleged summer staples, a silk billowy Stella McCartney Paisley Blouse here; a flippy Isabel Marant skirt there; our Swedish Has been sandals that can only currently be worn with verruca socks (ankle socks - tick, neutral colour - tick, waterproof - tick). We have hung our latest investments up, tried them on, dressed them down, accessorised them, planned glamorous outings for them and yet, still, it rains. We feel we are living only for the future, constantly checking our weather apps and wondering whether by the time we actually get to wear our new clobber, we may have changed our mind.

But, we then enter what is known as the faltering fashion phase. We have had too much time looking at our new style statements and not actually wearing them. The doubts start to creep in. We really don't have anything to go with those pyjama trousers. The shoes that we thought would go with them just don't, I mean they don't, do they? Do they?

The panic soon sets in and we're online, scanning to see what shoes Rosie from Made In Chelsea (my current style crush) would wear with these darned pyjama trousers. We realise that we should have never bought them in the first place, I mean, elasticated waist, loud print, unforgiving fabric, general connotations of looking like you're going to bed - how many times will you hear that comment?

Are we brave enough to carry them off? What we should have bought is another pair skinny jeans with a nod to the new season - a floral pair perhaps. We'll get those and our wardrobe woes will be over, won't they? We'll hope that we can still return those pyjama trousers or if not, they would be rather nice for bed. And all because we are waiting for that ruddy rain to stop.