21/10/2013 10:36 BST | Updated 26/02/2014 02:59 GMT

The Women Who've Changed My Life

Women have had a profound impact on my life from my mother right the way through to my working career, where probably 90% of my team are women and probably 95% of our customers are women again, so you're getting influenced by women around you 24-7.

My mother was a major influence in igniting the spark of interest in the world of beauty. For as long as I can remember I lived surrounded by fine fragrance from perfume to scented candles burning in the home. My mum actually grew up in Beirut and the Lebanon so brought to the party a completely different attitude towards beauty, to grooming and well eing and opened my eyes to views of how another culture can react.

My mum has always instilled a sense of self-belief and confidence to both my brother and I when we were kids. She's always given me the sense that anything is possible if a. you want it hard enough and b. if you're prepared to work sufficiently hard to get there.

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