24/03/2017 12:22 GMT | Updated 25/03/2018 06:12 BST

Inspiring US Non-Profit Helps Thousands Access Cheap Energy

The Tennessee Valley Authority has provided some of the country's cheapest utility rates to 7 million customers in the last eighty years. Thanks to President Roosevelt's New Deal Bill in 1933, TVA started, and remains, an economic driver for the seven states the public utility serves. People living in the SE still get cheaper power than most. But even with those cheap rates, some people must choose between staying warm or eating. That's where a rare energy organization for the southeast and Alabama, in particular, was born.

Nexus Energy Center is a non-profit organization, based in Huntsville, Alabama. The founder of Nexus Energy Center, Ruchi Singhal, knew in 2010 that President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, better known as the Stimulus Package, would generate huge possibilities as people sought federal money for energy efficiency installations for home and businesses. The small, non-profit helped over 1700 homeowners through their AlabamaWISE (Worthwhile Investments Save Energy) find the best deal and most energy efficient savings for homes and businesses in just four years. The investment from these homeowners totaled more than $8million, which is significant to Alabama and proof that it makes great economic sense to support energy efficiency.


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Chad Wright, Program Manager and Ruchi Singhal, CEO/Founder at Nexus Energy Center

All good things must end. Federal stimulus money stopped, but today, this small four person organization is still running full steam, changing course, adopting innovation and making a difference in Alabama. With an additional focus on helping those that need the most assistance in our community, a new program was born, "The Comfort Project". Nexus Energy Center felt that all people regardless of income level deserve to be comfortable in their home PLUS have affordable utility bills.

Ms. Singhal's has a passion for saving energy."Nexus Energy Center provides a one on one approach how each client can save on utilities. Each home is unique in that no two are the same. Through our scientific approach to find how and where each home is faltering, we provide expert analysis for specific problems, best solutions, and their return on investment."


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Chad Wright installing an efficient hot-water heater for Ms. Fletcher a Comfort Project recipient

While most of us live comfortably, there are elderly and under-served residents who must decide whether to keep their homes comfortable with heat or air, go to the doctor, buy medicines or even food. Working with other non-profit organizations, Nexus Energy Center is saving elderly residents at least 25% every month on their utility bills, sometimes as high as 40% in those cold winter months. Ms. Singhal adds, "The Comfort Project is free to clients through the generosity of grants, philanthropic and fundraising efforts. These residents are more comfortable, breathing better air inside their homes and having money that can now be used for other expenses. But, the best part is the people Nexus Energy Center have helped, are getting better health reports from their doctors, requiring fewer visits and less medicine. That makes us feel great we are making a huge impact on someone's grandparents in their golden years."

In 2017, Nexus Energy Center continues to provide the AlabamaWISE program with HVAC services, from small repair jobs to annual preventative maintenance contracts. Their educational Tiny Green Home will continue to be seen at community events, allowing thousands of people to see one of the most energy efficient homes in the United States, allowing you to see and feel how each upgrade could benefit your home.


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The Nexus Energy Center bring their educational Tiny Green Home to a Senior citizen festival in Huntsville, AL.

The Nexus Energy Center's offices are located on the campus of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Soon, they will begin working together on an exciting new venture utilizing their expertise as energy education experts. This will be a great addition to the USSRC landscape and for the thousands of people who visit Alabama's number one tourist attraction.