18/07/2016 11:50 BST | Updated 16/07/2017 06:12 BST

Terror Terror Everywhere

I can only appeal to the decent people in Europe to refuse more blood shed in your name insisting accountability for leaders who deem war as the only option, because it clearly isn't working.

'Never argue with a fool, people might not notice the difference' so the saying goes. Perhaps the same logic could be applied to War on Terror. The Remain campaigners in the recent Brexit referendum argued that the creation of an integrated Europe was a truce to ensure that European nations never went to war again, but yet there seems to be a persistent refusal to use the same logic with other nations.

From the day George W Bush declared the war on terror, terror unleashed its ugly face and we are all terrified. He declared that the Iraq War was going to be 'Shock and Awe' and indeed it was, with hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi lives lost, homes and livelihoods destroyed, making life for most impossible. The saddest thing I saw was an Iraqi homeless child who sleeps between the graves of his parents. How then, would this child grow up to believe in humanity?

In Europe the far right is on the rise and racists openly parading themselves no longer caring to hide it, validated by leaders like David Cameron who referred to men, women and children escaping from the repercussions of that 'Shock and Awe' paradigm George Bush and Tony Blair gifted the world as 'swamps'. Katie Hopkins even makes a career out of racism and vilainising refugees in her usual crass, vile outbursts. Never underestimate the human resolve, when leaders of developed nations use their position to quash anyone with a different opinion or point of view yet by the same token claiming to be open minded, turning a blind eye excruciating suffering, how then can they not see that such hatred and demonization breeds hatred.

It is a sad state of affairs watching more lives lost in France but this is a reality for many round the world using weaponry that is sold by European countries. France refuses to acknowledge pleas from impoverished African nations who still have to pay tax for being colonised with their national reserves directly controlled by France. The refusal to allow integration of Algerians in France instead confining them to the squalid ghettos rife with Islamic fundamentalist is folly, instead blaming external terrorists. The truth of the matter is, its virtually impossible to radicalise anyone who feels like a valued member of the society. Those living on the margins feel like there is nothing to live for and will undertake what revenge is accessible to them.

Instead of confronting the root causes of home grown terrorism, France has declared more bombs and attacks on Syria and Iraq, yet the culprit of the atrocity in Nice was half French and half Algerian which is completely illogical with promise for more blood shed. Europe's love affair with war games and global domination is being challenged, yet refusal to accept that goals posts keeps shifting means we will be in this is a quandary for the next century.

What if instead of demonising the Muslim, you reached out to them by giving them a hug, they might hug you back because they too value safety for their families. What if next time you see a woman in a hijab, instead of abusing her you show her love by wishing her a good day. What if instead of letting the refugees drown, you offered a safe haven with the agreement that when their countries are safe they will go back? What if Blair and Bush had offered Sadam Hussain the same favourable friendship they offer to the Saudi regime, maybe the world would have been a slightly safer place.

I can only appeal to the decent people in Europe to refuse more blood shed in your name insisting accountability for leaders who deem war as the only option, because it clearly isn't working.