29/02/2016 08:04 GMT | Updated 28/02/2017 05:12 GMT

A Key to Success: Attaching a Higher Purpose

The surest way to achieve a goal - making money, losing weight, submitting a mountain, finding love - is to attach a higher purpose.

This can be anything outside of a material or purely selfish result. We can be so consumed with what we aim to get out of a situation that we blind ourselves - often to our own determent. We oversee creative solutions and strangle off energy. The best way to remove blinkers and open yourself up to insights, energy, and solutions is to (loosely) focus on what your getting can give to a person or the greater good as a whole. The greatest tick to getting is giving.

Everything action in our Universe creates a ripple - a reaction for every action. Energy and matter in our perceivable Universe are interdependent and reactionary. The Universe is always seeking to be in balance - just look at nature's. Similarly, when a person strives for achieving something that brings harmony or joy (beyond the self) a greater energy comes into being.

This purpose is not as important as the intention. Your purpose can be big - building a business empire employing at-risk youths - or humble - inspiring your neighbor to start a workout routine. You may not realize it but even your intentions - your emotions behind your actions - have an effect on the environment around you. It need only be something more than just the self.

Interestingly, when you begin to behave this way you will find the path gets much easier. People or things come to you which support your mission. You needn't even mention the purpose. People can sense it.

We spend so much time thinking about what others can do for us - or what they aren't doing for us - that we end up strangling off our own energy in the process. Once you learn to give you start to get - physically, mentally, or emotionally.

For instance, many people looking for love are focused on what he/she wants from a partner. It is much more powerful (and rewarding) to focus on what one can give a partner. By focusing on being the best partner one can be - all the wonderful things you have to give - you are much more likely to attract a perfect mate who wants to give in return.

In knowing all in this world is connected we therefore accept that if our actions are connected with the greatest good we access a greater degree of energy (power).

My boyfriend, Nick, is undertaking one of the most difficult and dangerous feats known to man - submitting Mt Everest. Nearly 1 in every 12 people die attempting this challenge every year. A true test of endurance, stamina, courage, and luck (adverse weather conditions) I cannot think of a challenge more needing of a higher cause. When he told me he was climbing to raise money for UNICEF (£1 for every step he takes) I knew this would have a greater affect on his summation than any of the training he could acquire in the months ahead.

Everyone has their own personal Everest. For some it may be staying at a healthy weight or quitting smoking. Whatever your challenge is you will most likely want to give up - several times - along they way. When the purpose is greater than just the self you will gain a type of fortitude that reaches beyond willpower or pure grit. In all truth, it's a bit magical.

As a Buddhist, I believe it is the birthright of every human to realize this magic within themselves.

Support Nick's cause and support UNICEF - the largest global fund for children and women - by following this link and pledging whatever you can. The giving is more important than the monetary sum:

Lots of Love,

Noelle xx

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