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Coping (Just Fine) in Copenhagen

My decision to go to Denmark was based largely upon proximity as my life in London was particularly busy that month. My first take from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is that it is the most livable city I have visited on #12countries12months, even if it is very expensive.

My decision to go to Denmark was based largely upon proximity as my life in London was particularly busy that month. My first take from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is that it is the most livable city I have visited on #12countries12months, even if it is very expensive. My second take on Copenhagen is that it has the most attractive men I have ever seen in one on country, quite the opposite of my experience from Czech (see my blog here). Female travelers take note!

I booked a hotel in Nyhavn



Nyhaven is ideally located on the harbor and next to Amalienborg which was my first stop (following my early morning flight) in perfect time for the changing of the guards at this winter residence of the Royals.

Two blocks over is the impressive Marble Church, aka Frederick's Church, which dates back to 1749 and took nearly 150 years to complete.





On the other side of Amalienborg is the harbor which looks across to The Opera (the Opera House). About 15-20 minutes down the walkway is the infamous mermaid statue (totally worth giving a miss!).




If you have read my previous blogs, you will know I make a concerted effort to travel outside of cosmopolitan centers to get a real feel for the a countries inhabitants. Debating between Roskilde and Hillerod, both less than an half hour from Copenhagen's central station (by train). I decided upon Roskilde with its charming seaside village and "astonishing" cathedral dating back to 985.


The walk from Roskilde train station to the Domkirke (cathedral) is short, taking one through the quaint village (note it is not very well sign posted). There are many facets to the cathedral including many tombs so allow yourself time to explore.





The cathedral presides over a small but magical park (Roskilde Byparken) that leads one through a tree lined path (Skolegade Tuttesti) to the seaside where there is the Viking museum, boats, and restaurants. Although the museum had closed for the day there was plenty for me to enjoy as I sipped a local ale, soaking in the sun and the sights.








Catching the train back in to Copenhagen I exited the main station to find Tivoli. I had no intention of wasting my time at a theme park when there was great history to be explored. Alas, it was dusk the monuments and museums had shut. I paid the entry fee and its possibly the best money I spent the whole trip! Confession: I love a deep and enduring love for all things fairy tale which stems from wonderful memories of Disneyland as a child. Tivoli is the original Disneyland, that which has been copied countless times but can never be duplicated as it stands the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world (1843).




King Christian VIII believed "when the people are amusing themselves, they do not think about politics". Regardless of the monarchs underlying intents I was fully amused, trying the 100 year old rollercoaster, novelty rides, hotdogs, sweets, and walking the gardens.

Copenhagen's beautiful Town Hall is located just across from the gardens.


The following day I took me to Christianshavn, a short subway ride from where I was staying. Christiania, aka Freetown Christiania, is world renowned as a commune wherein cannabis is legal is buy and smoke. Its exactly the kind of place that would have been first on my list as a teenager but is less impressive at the age of 30. It is against the law to take pictures inside but I must say the dilapidated surroundings, mini boroughs, and characters walking throughout are worth seeing. Don't feel timid; tourists of all ages and demographics could be found within the small staden (town).



After this culturally enriching exercise I visited the closely located Our Saviror's Church which in addition to beautiful interiors has a tower that presides over the city, boasting beautiful views with less traffic than the Round Tower.




Other top landmarks to hit in Copenhagen include;

The Royal Library


The Old Stock Exchange (swirly tour)


Christiansborg Palace


..and general loveliness!:




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