23/10/2015 12:39 BST | Updated 23/10/2016 06:12 BST

How to Glow

You know those women who just glow. J-Lo always comes to mind, as does Cameron Diaz. They beam from inside. It's not due to a kale, facials, or highlighter. Even in their 40s they maintain a youthful glow that seem to attract younger into their life. Since I've implemented the below habits in to my life I've noticed some of the same positive affects in my life.

Radiate from Within

Youthful energy is a core component in advertising and beauty. In the example of J Lo and Cameron Diaz, there is a playfulness about these women. They seem like they have fun and enjoy life. It's a sense of innocence, wonder, and curiosity that makes them radiant. I'm sure they have amazing dermatologists, face creams, and PTs but no amount of external help can supplement for this inner glow. J-Lo and Cameron often speak about the time and attention they apply to their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being as much as their physical.

The first step in adopting this playful attitude is to relinquish the need to control things. As a recovering control freak myself (!!!) I know it's a super difficult but it is super important. When we try to control we are in constant struggle because life can't be controlled. We can gain a sense of false control during periods but that will fade because we live in a universe of perpetual change. People who are obsessed with control often come across as overbearing, bitter, and jaded. This reads as dullness and age on the face.

To get a youthful glow try not to strangle life off at its core. Move in wonder and curiosity and you will experience a huge amount of energy which will shine through on your face.

Lemon + Ginger Water

It's cheap and it works. I am religious about this every morning. I actually prepare it the night before (1 whole lemon + few slices of raw ginger) so I don't even have to think in the morning.

Green Tea

It's cheap and it works. I'm not a morning person so caffeine is a must! Green tea gives me a wonderful level of energy which never peaks or valleys.


It's free and it works. If you want to work with your energy and embrace a lighter way of being to obtain radiant skin you must address your inner life and meditation is the best tool I've found. I meditate on average of 20-30 mins every morning during the week with longer periods at the weekend.

Sweat it out

It's cheap and it works. Its free if you just hit the pavement - and hit it hard. NO excuses.

J-Lo and Cam are poster women for the benefits of a proper hard core workout. To really shift energy in your life you need to implement some forms of cardio and resistance training that will make you sweat. A lot of sweat. I've never understood why women are scared of sweat or muscle. Earn it and own it!!! It will give you confidence and a sense of achievement which will add to your radiance.

Get a great Dermatologist

It's not cheap but it works. I've saved you a ton of money on the above. Pool the savings and invest in someone who will help you keep looking the best version of you. I wholly embrace moderate measures of maintenance with professional aestheticians and dermatologists. The simple fact is after 30 stuff starts to sag. No amount of meditation, exercise, or lemon water will counteract mother nature. Just accept it and work with it.

I use an amazing man called Dr Ariel Haus who practices on Harley Street in London. He's not cheap but as I view him as part of my long term beauty plan. HE is a Brazilian and Brazilian dermatologists receive a more rigorous training than UK professionals which I think is key. I really trust him and seen huge results from the treatments. My recommendation is a laser treatment called Elos. It is non-invasive and does not hurt at all. The technology is super advanced, lifting the very fine top layer of skin which instantly gives glow and radiance.

I hope these tips help. I am in no way a beauty expert but I do want every woman feeling as beautiful as she can, from the inside out 

Much Love,