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Quick And Easy Water Kefir Recipe

Water kefir is very simple to make and is a wonderful, healthy, gluten and dairy free sweet drink that you can enjoy instead of conventional fizzy drinks. You might even be able to tempt the kids into trying this one! It's also great on hot summer days.

Water kefir is a fermented fizzy probiotic drink made using water, water kefir grains, and sugar. This easy to make recipe only takes seven steps, and once you know how to make it, future batches will only take a few minutes. Not only is it easy to make, it has the added benefit of being a great way to boost probiotic levels in your gut, helping your digestive process and general well-being.

Is can help with digestive issues like IBS, skin conditions, lactose intolerance, and even mood-related issues.

Water Kefir recipe - serves 1-2


Preparation Time: 5 minutes (longer if you need to sterilise your jars first).

Fermentation Time: 3-4 days. The stronger you want the taste, the longer you need to ferment it. 3 days fermentation has more sugar in it, while 4-day fermentation is usually richer in taste, with more probiotics. Do not ferment for longer than 4 days as your water kefir grains might die.


You can make water kefir using water or coconut water. In case you use coconut water you do not need to use sugar as there is naturally occurring sugar in coconut water.

• 2 table spoons of organic sugar. You can use any type of sugar - white, brown, coconut, or any other. Do not use any sugar substitutes.

• 450-500ml filtered or spring water, room temperature (or coconut water).

• 2 tea spoons water kefir grains. You can get them from Amazon or Ebay.

You will also need:

• A plastic sieve

• Wooden spoon (to stir sugar)

• Cheesecloth, muslin bag, or piece of kitchen towel and an elastic band

• Two medium-sized jars to ferment and then store water kefir in the fridge if needed. I would recommend keeping it in fridge for no longer than 3 days. You can use old left over jars if you sterilise them first.


• Sterilise one of your jars if needed

• Put a bit of boiling water in your jar

• Place 2 table spoons of sugar in the jar using a wooden spoon. Stir until sugar is completely dissolved in the water

• Fill the jar, leaving an inch or so at the top, with room temperature water

• Place 2 tea spoons of water kefir grains in the sugary water solution

• Place kitchen towel/cheese cloth/muslin bag on top, secure with an elastic band

• Place in a warm spot of the kitchen out of direct sunlight for 3-4 days


After 3-4 days of fermentation:

• Sterilise your other jar (only if you are storing water kefir in the fridge)

• Remove muslin bag/cheese cloth/kitchen towel from the top of your water kefir jar

• Place a plastic sieve on top of your storing jar (if storing in the fridge), or a cup/glass if drinking straight away

• Carefully pour the liquid from the jar you used for fermentation into a new jar or cup/glass. You will then have water kefir in your jar/glass/cup, and water kefir grains in you sieve.


• Do not use any metal while preparing water kefir - it could be detrimental to the water kefir grains.

• You can re-use your water kefir grains and make a new water kefir batch. Do not rinse water kefir grains with water after using as it can damage them. If taken proper care of, water kefir grains should last you a very long time, if not forever. Overtime, the number of water kefir grains will increase. In this case, you can separate them to make more water kefir.

• Your water kefir should have a sweet tingly taste and might be fizzy. The liquid might also be a bit cloudy and lighten up, which is considered normal. I would recommend not drinking any batch that tastes strange or unpleasant to you.

• In the process of fermentation some alcohol will be naturally produced in water kefir. The amount of alcohol varies according to the batch, but it is usually a relatively low percentage.

• If you want to take a break from making water kefir, you can find more information on how to store your water kefir grains here.

• You can enhance the water kefir taste with fruit, fruit juices, and spices of your choice to make a more interesting drink.

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