11/01/2015 16:31 GMT | Updated 13/03/2015 05:59 GMT

The Ex-Girlfriend Jean - How the Skinny Jeans Trend Went Too Far

Skinny jeans first came on trend for men way back in 2001 and 14 years later they are still here and getting tighter and tighter. Clothing brands have been in fierce competing to offer the skinniest fit and in the process many have gone through radical size deflation.


Hipster jeans labels like Nudie and Cheap Monday have both slimmed down their skinny range by a couple of inches and their respective new lines Tight Long John and Low Spray are as eye-wateringly tight as they sound.

It got to the point recently where US clothing brand American Eagle lampooned the trend with a spoof ad campaign where their skinny jeans were literally sprayed on.

But the joke failed to halt the march of tighter denim and Super Skinny is now everywhere - from high-end catwalks at Saint Laurent SS14, to the original skinny celeb Russell Brand, and the trend has even reached Essex, well Joey Essex at least.


But just when you thought denim couldn't get any tighter the latest trend has emerged - the Ex-Girlfriend Jean.

In the search for the tightest possible fit 20-something men are now buying women's jeans and in some cases children's denim.

Topshop have seen a huge increase in sales in the past three months of their women's skinny jeans to young men who are trying to get the ex-girlfriend look.


Clearly the term is derived from the boyfriend look - a decades old style move where women "borrow" their partner's clothes (and rarely give them back).

And seeing as the skinny jean cut is a pretty androgynous style it was only a matter of time before some young guys worked out they could squeeze into their girlfriend's denim.

The plus points for ex-girlfriend look for the young male hipsters is that it's tighter, obvs - at the ankle (you can't even slip a finger in underneath), the calf is spray on, and don't even mention the thighs - please note cyclists and rugby forwards need not apply.


Strangely, according to early adopters of the ex-girlfriend look, there is actually more room in the crotch area on ladies skinny jeans than on the men's super skinny versions, but clearly this is relative and according to a recent survey the skinny jean epidemic is having a negative effect on the nation's manhood.

Rather appropriately, TENA, the UK's no 1 bladder weakness and incontinence people, found that 10% of British men said they had experienced unpleasant side effects from wearing tight jeans. One quarter of the men experienced a bladder infection, one fifth had a twisted testicle, and low sperm count and fungal infections were also cited.

Well this is nothing particularly new. Young people have suffered in the name of fashion through the ages - corsets and crinolines, lead face paint, powdered wigs, and what about modern day high heels.

Many of these carried serious health problems but surely the Ex-Girlfriend Jean phenomenon is a first time that a male generation has seriously endangered it's ability to reproduce.

One plus point is that unwanted teenage pregnancies may be reduced. Not because it's causing low sperm counts but due ot the fact that most males will struggle to get their jeans off quick enough.