21/12/2016 06:47 GMT | Updated 22/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Christmas Jumpers, Festive Cocktails And A Sleepover

Every year around this time, I get the crushing realisation that my yultide vigour has peaked too soon. I'm that person humming Wham as soon as the first Starbucks red cups appear, and at last count I own seven Christmas jumpers. By the time the 25th comes around I'm kind of a bit over it. Nightmare.


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This year, I cunningly delayed my festive season by Club Med-ing it to The Maldives and Bali. I'll admit that fleeing half way around the world may sound slightly extravagant, but actually it has marvellously prepared me for the most fun-packed party season I've ever had. There's so many activities at Club Med, I literally didn't have time to think about Christmas, so now I'm back I've been making up for lost time.

Well. After a short period of hibernation, that is - jet-lag hit me crazy hard when I got back, you see. Luckily, the first party in my Christmas schedule was a sleepover with Nude By Nature to announce Justine Jenkins as their new ambassador. We were in the Edition's penthouse eating, drinking and having Urban Massage treatments. It's pretty rare to feel refreshed the day after a party, so I made the most of it with an early morning work-out with my friend Danielle Peazer, who's just launched a We Heart Living Body Plan.


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Obviously, that saintliness was pretty short-lived - next on the party hit-list was the 12 Schweppes Of Christmas pop-up in Covent Garden. Which was exactly what it sounds like: 12 different Schweppes cocktails with Chrismassy names like Jingle & Tonic and Mojito-Ho-Ho. I didn't get around to taking a cocktail-making class, but I did make a valiant effort to try the lot.


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The following night, I went to the American Eagles wreath making class and I had my first turkey dinner of the season. My wreath started beautifully, but then I found the mulled wine.. The second half is slightly lopsided but I managed to pass it off as a homecoming gift for mum. I can't tell if she genuinely likes it or is just being polite, but it's hanging on the front door now.

While I was in Bali, one of the things I actually kind of missed was being able to curl up and get cosy. There were loads of beautifully decorated Christmas trees but it just didn't feel quite right in the 35 degree heat. So when I got back, I immediately booked into Galloway Terrace, AKA Narnia. It's all reindeer furs and frosted branches - proper little winter wonderland. I've got a new Parajumpers coat which is insanely warm and great for cuddling up in.


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I've started filming a new series for Sky Sports (which I cannot WAIT to tell you about, btw), and am allowed to film in sports kit. What a dream. So while I was shopping in Old Spitalfields the other day, I went to LuluLemon and picked up some of their new Naked Tights. They're super lightweight and you literally feel like you have nothing on!

As I write this, I am sitting on Ashley's sofa surrounded by small dogs in Nordic jumpers, watching The Grinch (check my Insta stories to see how Snoop, Coco and I got on). I think I might be in Heaven.