19/12/2016 12:32 GMT | Updated 20/12/2017 05:12 GMT

How To: Last-Minute Christmas Shopping

Ok I'm not even going to count the number of sleeps left 'til Christmas. We both know there's not many. We both know I haven't done my Christmas shopping (slightly inevitable). We both know I've started to panic. And engage in as many procrastination activites as possible. Obv.


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The realisation that time was distinctly no long on my side hit me as I came into land from Bali and the child behind me announced the news that Christmas was just over two weeks away (I mean, can you not, child). I am traditionally last-minute at actual gift getting but I usually have at least an idea of what I want to get people. I call it efficient shopping. Man shopping, if you will. I can get in, buy, get out in minimal time. Streamlined.

This year, chaos and despair has befallen my attempts to get organised. I suspect because a very selfish part of me ignored the coming festivities because I was Going To Bali. What a betch.


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So, as I write this, I am hurriedly forming something of a hit list. I plan to conduct my shopping escapade later today. It needs to be a concentrated effort - no faffing or travelling between shopping locations. So I've chosen Old Spitalfields.

I spent a lot of time in Old Spitalfields Market in September (it was home of the Topshop Show Space for fashion week SS17), and have since made occasional cameos on Hoxton Radio's monthly broadcasts from the night market. It's given me plenty of opportunity to have a poke around, and I was surprised to find there's actually just about every high street store I frequent, plus a smattering (seven. I counted. I know that's lame...) of designer labels. I'm currently designing something of a strategic route to maximise my shopping effectiveness.


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Last time I was there, my competitive side got the better of me and I tried to Ace a small child at softball (there was a temporary tennis court. Actually now I think about it, that must have been for Wimbledon. So not the most recent time at all. Excuse my memory). We celebrated with a round of Pimm's so it was definitely Wimbledon. I remember being blown away that I could use a card in a market. Mod cons.

Anyway. Decision made. I'm hitting LuluLemon for my sister, Cutler & Gross for mum, and..... maybe I'll take Dad with me and treat him to lunch. I hear Blixen is good...