18/01/2016 06:27 GMT | Updated 16/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Mums Response to Facebook Rant Calling Fellow Parents "Dirty" and "Lazy"


This is for all fellow knackered parents who needed to read "that" annoying Facebook post like they needed a dirty nappy in the face!:

I'm going to rant for a minute....

It bothers me how being a parent has turned into a martyr profession (said no knackered-in-need-of-a-moan-parent EVER!)

My children are my perfect excuse to be dirty and lazy on my most knackered of days and are my beautiful little scapegoats to pretty much anything I am too zapped of energy or too time starved to attend.

Being a parent doesn't mean leaving food under the couch for months, HELL NO it means you have no bloomin clue its there in the first place. And as for showering...PAH! As a new parent you have some vague recollection of what it is and the smell emanating from your bits tells you, you probably need one...But, oh, hang on, the babies crying/needs changing/burping....What we were talking about??!!

I'm three years new to this parenting but so far I've managed to exist on 1 hours straight sleep, wiped clean one surface of my home, reignited my love of home-"opened" fish fingers and found a taste for spat out food. I also now recognise that the man who comes to the house every night is not a stranger but in fact my husband and that despite all the craziness and the state me or my house may be in, my children are happy, well fed, well loved, bathed and in clean clothes and clean nappies.

I accept that with the birth of my child comes the acceptance of not having a clean and polished house or life and most importantly comes the acceptance of other parents who are also going through this wonderful, crazy and at times difficult job (despite how smelly, dishevelled or exhausted they may look - as we've all been there right?!)

If my child smeared peanut butter on the curtains I would a) be amazed at their dexterous and adventurous ambitions of being able to open the cupboard let alone the jar and B) thank my lucky stars it was not poo! Food is eaten, however the hell you can either coax, trick or fool them into eating it.

I wish judgemental attitudes towards parenting would go away and quick. I think certain people are mistaking normal parental ordeals (i.e being so tired you want to crawl up your own backside for a nap) as laziness.

Instead certain people should spend less time composing judgemental rants and leave the rest of us knackered parents alone as we try to do the best job we can and be the best parents possible to our Tiny Humans. Judgmental parenting - It needs to stop!

(Alternatively, if a certain person finds themselves with extra time to fill then please feel free to stop by and clean my house/watch the kids whilst I shower/chase my toddler around the house with a stick of organic Asparagus!)

Thanks in advance,

Mrs Lazy mum, sat on food harbouring couch, watching happy kids climb peanut butter covered curtains xxx ‪#‎nobullmum‬ blogs at The Baby Bible and can be found talking honestly about parenting here