28/08/2016 16:27 BST | Updated 22/08/2017 06:12 BST

The Reminder All Mums Need to Hear!

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Ok, this is going to sound weird but does anyone ever forget they have a fully functioning brain? Then out of the blue, something happens and you have to use the functions of your brain that have lay unused and lets face it taking a bloody long nap under a pile of spat out weetabix and Paw patrol and you think;

"Shit, I remember this and damn it feels good!"

Now, don't get me wrong i'm not saying that being a mum doesn't require us to use our brain boxes. God I've discovered things I never thought I could do thanks to Motherhood. I'm talking about the parts of my brain I used to have firing on all cylinders pre baby. The bits that made me tick, gave me a bit of a fire in my belly, made me feel like I was rocking my shit (of the none nappy variety!). Basically the bits that were mine, the bits personal to me, my very own tool kit of skills, the bits that basically made me "ME".

Sometimes, we forget who we were before we became a mum. Sometimes we feel that being a mum is who we are and whilst we love being a mum, we feel lost. Sometimes we feel we would like to venture outside of motherhood and start lighting the fire in the belly of the women we were once-upon-a-long-time-ago, however feel guilty as this somehow makes us feel we are being ungrateful for being a mum.

Sometimes we feel being a mum should be enough but can't help that niggling sense in our tummies that there is something else we also want to fulfil. Sometimes, just sometimes, we wish we could step back into our old life and just breathe in the world, the dreams and the ambitions that made us who we were. The freedom to be just us.

And sometimes we need a little reminder that this woman, the once-upon-a-long-time-ago woman, we all were once, STILL exists. She is STILL with us.

Admittedly, more tired, more covered in spat out food and a bit fuzzy around the edges. HOWEVER, she STILL exists and is more kick ass than ever before as, alongside all the pre-baby skills that once aligned her artillery she now has the additional, awe inspiring strings to her bow of growing eyelashes, tiny fingers, toes and hearts, inspiring tiny imaginations to be bigger than they ever dreamed possible. She can turn cardboard boxes into castles, the rug in the lounge into a land filled with jelly eating unicorns. And has an ability to negotiate tantrums, tears and wobbly bottom lips whilst picking up teeny tiny plastic pieces of crap at lightning speed.

She quite simply ROCKS.

And sometimes we just need reminding of this!

Therefore, here is my little reminder to all you awesome mommas out there;


Please share this little reminder with all lovely mums out there in need of hearing how kick ass they actually are!

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