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Pros and Cons I Have Discovered En Route to Falling (Partly) in Love With My New iPhone 6S

Apple released their newly anticipated iPhone at the end of September, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Below are some pros and cons I have discovered en route to falling (partly) in love with my new phone.

iPhones, you can't live with them (they take up the space of an entire house) you can't live without them (because they do everything but breathe for you).

Apple released their newly anticipated iPhone at the end of September, the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Below are some pros and cons I have discovered en route to falling (partly) in love with my new phone.

Things you CAN do with an iPhone 6S:

Apple Pay - Letting you pay for things contactless without even having to carry your purse around. You don't have to worry about getting mugged anymore! ...well apart from the fact they can now steal your iPhone, which has your whole life on instead of a couple of cards and £4.26 in loose change.

Eat dinner off it - The 6S is the size of a side plate and the 6S plus is like a regular plate. This is a plus because not only does it mean less washing up, it also means you can save yourself a fortune in glasses as everything is super zoomed meaning you can see everything with more ease. With the money you save you could even treat yourself to the Apple Pencil...or you could just burn your money.

Take super high quality photos - 12 megapixel photos, 4k videos, live photos, forward facing flash Here's one I took earlier:

Am I doing this right?

3D -According to Apple this feature not only lets you see things, its lets you feel things too. Was I supposed to be able to feel that guys six pack when I swiped right?!

When they say 3D they literally just mean short cuts to things, making us even lazier. In fact what with our attention spans getting less and less you probably won't have even bothered to read down this far. So mum, it was me that reversed into the garage door and dented your car, not Freddie. Also I'm in love with Simon Cowell.

Kill someone with it - Size plays a part in this one again. I'm sure if you threw it at someone's head hard enough you could concuss them at least. The glass screen adds a whole new danger element. It's like one long episode of Survivor trying to get through life without accidentally killing yourself with your iPhone.

Things you CAN'T do with an iPhone 6S:

Reach the other side of the screen - Not everyone will have this problem but my little lady hands can't reach the other side of the screen when I'm working the phone one-handed. You have to balance the phone on your palm, and then swing your thumb up to the top of the screen. It's like parkour for your hands.

How am I supposed to take calls, check Facebook, twitter, Instagram, change the track and swipe for people on tinder now when I'm driving?!

Fit it in your pocket - You're probably going to have to cut your pockets to make them bigger, OR you could use that saved money mentioned earlier and buy a whole new wardrobe that works better with your phone.

Keep your friends - The 6S has so many new features to get your head round and it looks so petty you won't ever want to stop looking at it; therefore you will end up losing all your friends. But as we've established your iPhone does pretty much everything, so who needs friends anyway!?

Carry it around your neck - What with it being too big for most pockets you could do with being able to have it on a lanyard round your neck. You could with all the old phones and it made life much easier, so all this technology is great but really, is it all worth it if you can't have it hanging round your neck. It'd save you having to pretend you have friends next time you want to show your new gadget off.

Afford anything else - With prices starting at £539, you'll be living off air for the rest of your life. You'll be so weak your arms won't even be able to support lifting your phone and you'll starve to death, but at least you'll have a killer phone!

It's all worth it though ey!

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