New Rules for Women on the Rise

A paradigm shift is taking place. Across the world, increasing numbers of women are rising up to reveal their true brilliance.

A paradigm shift is taking place. Across the world, increasing numbers of women are rising up to reveal their true brilliance. Women are expressing the desire to become more committed to their passions, fulfill their multi-faceted life's purpose and come together in inspiring communities that will help them navigate the personal and professional challenges that present themselves along their journey to fulfillment. But what does it take to become a woman who not only rises, but also shines? Over the past couple of years, through my personal journey and my work with women throughout the world, I have begun to notice a pattern of traits and actions emerging from women ready to shake things up in their own lives, make their mark, and BE the changes they want to SEE in the world. New rules are emerging. Here are seven of them.

Accept and Expect Greatness. There is a power inside every woman that she may never know, simply because she is unwilling to accept that it exists by believing in her own magic. As women on the rise, we must begin to acknowledge our brilliance. We must also begin to expect that greatness can emerge from any situation - even when it appears unlikely. Always ask: How can I rise to the occasion and make a difference? Accept greatness in yourself and in others. Expect greatness in all situations, and by doing so, greatness will become, not just an exception, but the rule.

Listen Deeply. Being able to listen deeply enables a woman to clear clutter, confusion, and many of the shadowy beliefs that serve to limit us from being fully aware of the opportunities that exist all around us. It is important that, as a woman on the rise, you develop a practice of deep empathic listening so that you can be present and available for the wisdom and guidance that is ready to emerge from within you. It is equally important that you allow others to do the same. Together, when we listen deeply to our inner wisdom, we arrive at a level of truth that can inform and inspire us as to what is needed next.

Develop an Inspiring Vision Plan. Without vision, it's very hard to get anything done. Without inspiration, a woman languishes. An inspirational vision compels her to do things she could never have imagined. It's important women on the rise form inspiring and visionary plans that remain at the forefront of her mind. Nurturing courage. Stimulating change. Supporting her in becoming more powerful than she ever knew was possible, and introducing her to a version of herself seeking to emerge. This vision is her WHY. Her WHAT is the plan of action that emerges from the inspiration released from her vision. Women on the rise, here is your Inspired Action equation: Inspired Vision + Inspired Action = inspiring new realities.

Harmonize with Reality. In every single moment, there is a new version of reality waiting upon you to help express it. When we choose to harmonise our minds and bodies with this reality, we acknowledge and accept that reality does not need to conform to our vision, nor does it need to acquiesce and bend to our will, but instead we look to see what is in front of us, then we look to see what we can contribute by way of our of our skills, our capacities and our perceptions. Women on the rise are adept at bringing their own capacities into greater harmony with the reality that presents itself at any given moment: and harmonizing themselves to it to engender yet greater results. When we choose to harmonise with reality, we create a symphony of new possibilities.

Question Convention. A woman on the rise must be willing to question staid conventions and devise new strategies to create new paradigms of possibility. If we are to co-create a better world, we need to be willing to dismantle current modes of thought and action and assemble more effective ones. It is only by questioning and exploring what's already been done, and looking at opportunities for more effective, sustainable solutions to our individual and collective challenges that we can loosen the grip antiquated models have on our current reality. We must be willing to question what's been done, in order to take both our lives and our world to places heretofore unknown. Women, not only is a little bit of defiance desirable, it is essential.

Give Yourself Permission to Shine. When we were younger, many of us asked our parents to sign permission slips in order to go on class outing. Well, the greatest trip that you will ever take is the journey that is your life. When you give yourself permission to shine, you allow yourself to see your internal brilliance. When you give yourself permission to shine, you unabashedly unleash that radiance into the world. As a result, we all benefit from your radiance, and the world itself begins to shine even more brightly. For woman on the rise, giving yourself permission to fully shine is a rite of passage; a continuous ritual that allows you to enter more deeply into the many roles that you must play in the world. So, start writing the permission slip that only YOU can author and approve.

Grow and Glow. The process of growing and glowing is about seeing each moment of your life as an evolutionary journey where you are fundamentally accountable for sharing your unique brand of brilliance. Women on the rise are committed to growing and glowing. They are committed to allowing the experiences of life to continue to polish them- not demolish them. They say: I am committed to rise. I am committed to shine. I am committing to BE-ing the woman I was always meant to be.

Women of the World. Rise up! Begin to embrace these new rules today. Emerge as the brilliant stars that you are.

Ozioma, Founder of BurnBright International and Chief Operating Officer of Rising Women Rising world, is writer, speaker and strategist, specializing in the development of transformational models and strategies that help individuals, businesses and communities achieve their highest potential. Find her on fb burnbright.ozioma


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