19/01/2015 11:00 GMT | Updated 19/03/2015 05:59 GMT

The Turn of the Budget Supermarkets

With the recent results showing supermarket chains such as Tesco and Morrisons, seeing their worst Christmas in years, is this the new era of budget supermarkets?


Aldi and Lidl have been, in the past, seen as the lowest of the low when regarding supermarket products. It is the sort of place you'd go when you're not able to buy the expensive products on display at your local Sainsbury's or you are in need of unusual ingredients from far away lands. I personally have shopped there now and then for years, when i'm in need of those little luxury treats, but i'm not able to afford to pay full price. They're great in supporting those families who don't have the spare cash to afford big brand names and the giant price tag that usually comes along with them. Yet, are more people turning to these low cost supermarkets to save the £'s rather than the pennies?


I don't know about you but supermarkets are those companies that usually think 'their is always a place for us because everyone needs to buy food'. However, when there are supermarket chains that are able to provide the same food but at a cheaper cost, you know you have serious competition. Years ago, the common middle class household family never even knew of these budget supermarkets but it seems their PR teams have literally 'pushed the boat out' with their christmas campaigns. They have even thought about the perfect time of year to do a campaign, not a lot of other supermarkets have caught onto this. Just think, what time of year does EVERYONE go out and buy extra food for visitors and extra treats for time off work? Christmas! It's kind of a no brainer...


In doing so, their PR teams deserve a pat on the back. There is no where I can walk without seeing a bus stop sign, or a newspaper advert directly aimed at either Aldi or Lidl. Even on the tv, they've got it covered and it's sure benefiting them in serious ways. Is this the turn of the budget supermarkets do you think? Or will you always shop at the more common supermarkets or supermarkets who offer you luxury products with prices that match? Either way, they might not be around for much longer by the looks of things.

So what is the next step for the supermarket chains that are seeing their sales figures demolish slowly into the arms of liquidation? It's time to step it up! Look at the competitors and see what they offer? Why are they getting more business compared to you? Is it just because of the prices or is it because they're able to offer that quick shopping service that families in this day and age need? Segregate your stakeholders, and most importantly deal with the customer complaints. If you're getting too many; there is something wrong.


MEASURE YOUR SUCCESS! This is the most important thing. If you're going to run a campaign, what are your aims? Have you achieved them? If not, why not? If I were to take on a role at a supermarket and transform their sales figures I'd make the most important stakeholder, the customer, my priority. Give them benefits that are convenient, accessible and actually benefit them!! Nothing like those match and more cards from Morrisons which ended up being more of a pain to get any actual benefit from them. Pointless and customers aren't stupid.

That being said, let's just see how things go for the national wide supermarkets over the next year...