21/04/2015 06:12 BST | Updated 16/06/2015 06:59 BST

An Insight Into a Volunteer's Life - Hamble Lifeboat

The word 'Volunteer' usually scares a lot of us aware from the instant notion that you won't be paid for your time. However, for some people it is what drives them to be motivated in life and for the crew at Hamble Lifeboat station off of the Solent, volunteering to help the community and visitors to the area is what they do best. I first came across the organisation whilst undertaking a university assignment. Our task was to gain awareness for the independent lifeboat organisation and engage local audiences in donating through the designated JustGiving page. For an organisation that runs solely on donations, it is a difficult task to raise the needed £30,000 a year, just to run the operation. None of the volunteers get paid for their time and most of the times even when they are not on patrol or situated at the station, they are still on call day and night. It is a tasking job and one a lot of people wouldn't do. I truly admire the work all volunteers do for our local communities, they are very much inspiring people.

Whilst working with the Hamble Lifeboat crew and hearing the stories they had to tell from their many years of volunteering, it makes you determined to give something back to the community yourself. I am sure to do so in the future, after I have tackled University. It is also crazy to think that none of the volunteers have ever feared for their lives, with dangerous weather and just all round dangerous situations that could occur; the strength they have to continue what they do and not be fazed by the traumas that come along with the job, just goes to show how close nit the team are. They trust each other and as a result are able to have fun whilst at the same time being professional.

My team, and myself wanted people to hear their stories, we had heard them and knew they had to be told. As a result, a documentary was born. Please have a watch and use the website link to donate as much money as you can. This documentary just shows an insight into a volunteer's life at Hamble Lifeboat, even just an insight you're able to understand how much energy and passion goes into this job...