15/05/2013 11:04 BST | Updated 14/07/2013 06:12 BST

People Pleasing: How Do You feel?


I don't know about you, but i'm one of those people who cares about what other people think about me. I hate knowing that I might have done something wrong and people are talking about me in a negative way.

Yet since I have got older, 20 years now to be precise, I feel more reluctant to please people. I've learn't over the years that as much as you try, there are certain people you just can't get to grips with.

It's such a stereotypical thing, pleasing people, its something us British try to do, whether its because it's our job role, or because we want to gain friends. You can't say you haven't done it before?

But that's not exactly working is it. As much as you smile, act polite, over exaggerate your expressions, it's not really showing how you feel truly?

Is everyone fake?

I can't help but wonder what people would actually be like if they spoke how they actually felt. Doubt I would like it, but it's easy to wonder.

I can see the essence of truthfulness coming through in people nowadays, whereas before we wouldn't argue back with our elders, we wouldn't dis-agree with law enforcement and we'd hardly ever express how we truly felt in front of people; this isn't as prominent nowadays.

Well, the world is changing, people seem to be realising what they can actually do, and get away with. I think I will always try and be a people pleaser - but this does change time to time. In angry situations it's hard to not express your true emotions, different things have a way of triggering the release of truthfulness; whether people like it or not.

Everything seems to be changing.

We can only see what happens I guess.