20/06/2014 13:08 BST | Updated 20/08/2014 06:59 BST

Preparing For Our First-Ever Stadium Gig at the Capital Summertime Ball

A few weeks ago, my life and the lives of my three bandmates changed.

We heard that we'd won the Vodafone Firsts competition on Capital FM to play live to 80,000 people at the Capital Summertime Ball.

We knew we had a chance, but being up against talented emerging artists we admire, including Mic Lowry, Brad Kavanagh and Vix, we were so happy to win with over 7,000 votes.

We went crazy in my mum's front room when we heard the news. I remember hugging Charlie. Mikey flew over the sofa. Betsy was screaming. Finally, we have a chance to show everyone what we can do - something that so many talented musicians never get.

Although we're an unsigned band, over the last few weeks we've had an idea of what it's like as a breakthrough act. We've had photo sessions and been filmed by the Vodafone Firsts crew around our home town of Margate. I've got no idea what the neighbours think, but we're loving it.

We were taken to London where we spent hours with a personal stylist, who pinpointed all of our different looks and chose our stage outfits - each designed to suit our personalities.

The most amazing part of the whole experience has been the studio sessions. Getting to record our own song in a professional recording studio has been incredible. Even though we've played to medium-sized audiences, we've never had time in a real studio, singing and playing our own music and listening back to it. We've had so many first experiences on this adventure, but this one was particularly cool.

When we won this competition, we also won the chance to invite our fans and everyone anywhere on the planet to be part of a crowd-sourced music video we've been making. We've been asking them to upload their favourite images of the sky to our Pinterest page, or to tweet us using #STBFirsts.

Within moments of tweeting this, we had hundreds of uploads. Fans sent us photos of sunsets, sunrises and views through plane windows from all over the world. We've started to choose the best images to appear in our video, with even more scenes being shot live from the stage as we sing at Wembley.

We can't wait to release our film on Monday 23 June and share this amazing journey with everyone who has followed us, or discovered us, along the way.

But for now, it's all about getting ready for the weekend. We keep imagining what it's like, not only on stage but backstage at Wembley. Charlie keeps terrifying himself looking at pictures of Wembley on Twitter. All of us are nervous. We can't imagine performing on the same stage as Pharrell!

We've got to remember our lyrics. We've got to remember to enjoy every second. Our friends, fans and families will be there and we're so excited to get up on stage and do what we love. Meeting Iggy Azalea will be amazing, as well as Miley, who I have followed since her Disney days. It will be mind-blowing to share this moment with them. And who knows, maybe their management will sign us one day. Come on!