A Man's Guide In Making The Most Space Out Of His Apartment

Aside from getting a good job and getting a girlfriend, keeping an apartment that says you have graduated from frat houses differentiates grown-up men from big boys. After all, young professionals renting condos and apartments need to get their crap together - and we are not only talking about rent money here.

Aside from getting a good job and getting a girlfriend, keeping an apartment that says you have graduated from frat houses differentiates grown-up men from big boys. After all, young professionals renting condos and apartments need to get their crap together -- and we are not only talking about rent money here.

The huge challenge lies in making the place as livable as possible no matter how small it is. Sure, space doesn't come cheap, but this doesn't mean you cannot live like a king in your man cave. Whether you live alone or with roommates, here are the DIY home design and cleaning tips that every man should know in making the most space out of his apartment.

Get Your Furniture Right

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First thing's first: the furniture. Your furniture is the backbone of your home design and the center of the functions in your pad day in and day out. Choose your furniture in a design that seamlessly fits into your home.

And with a limited space, you'll want something that effortlessly maximizes design and utility. Invest in a select few pieces that will give you the most bang for your buck. Think versatile, like couches that can be spread into a bed, ottoman chairs that double as storage solutions, coffee tables with great space underneath - you get the picture.

Go For Less With Appliances

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Why buy two separate appliances that will eat up space when you can get one multifunctional item? Toss your dirty laundry in a washing machine that comes with a dryer. Make your protein shake using a blender that you can also use for food processing.

Forgo buying new appliances when you can make do with what you already have. Ditch the toaster and whip up a French toast on a pan for your lady. Bonus: You'll have less kitchen gunk to clean.

No Space Should Go To Waste

Every square foot is a valuable resource, and it would be a crime not to tap into the nooks and crannies of your home. That space under your bed? Build a bookshelf or a shoe rack that will fill the gap. Running out of ways how to organize your things? Gentlemen, say hello to the small space owner's best friend, shelves.

Be Organized

There is nothing cool about having your belongings all over the place. A lack of order means missed opportunities to make the most of your limited space. Not to mention, it can suck big-time when you cannot find things when you need them the most, making you buy items when you already have them.

Getting your apartment in order does not have to be gargantuan task. Start with small and simple steps like keeping a laundry bin, using labels and tags, and repurposing items.

Toss Out The Clutter

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With today's young men having a lot on their plate, there should be no room for clutter of any kind. Anything that's outdated and hopelessly irreparable should go to the trash. Same rule goes for things that you don't need a lot of and things that you can view and save in your computer. Achieving a clutter-free home should be as simple as that.

Don't Settle For Just Pretty

This is about choosing decors, although you can also apply this rule when dating women. An apartment is a place that can quickly go from charmingly small to dejectedly cramped, and so you cannot afford to have random stuff taking up precious space. Make each and every piece count. Choose decors that also serve a purpose like clocks with a timeless design, houseplants that can be used as dividers, and so on.

Fake It Till You Make It

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It may not the best advice in every situation, but it certainly is when you want to live larger than what your small space would allow. Hang curtains close to the ceiling and build shelves as high as possible to create the illusion of a longer vertical space. Use the open space of a studio unit to your advantage with mirrors and glass partitions. Let the sunlight in for an atmosphere that says anything but dark and cramped.

Take Care Of Smells

There's nothing like a small space to trap in every smell that you can think of -- strong perfume, pungent scents from cooking, stink from the garbage that you forgot to bring out, noxious fumes when you repaint or clean with chemicals, and so on. Even if you have pulled off all the space-saving tips that you can find, having strong scents linger around can be a tough reminder of just how small your home is.

Get rid of the culprit as soon as possible such as when you have something nasty in your garbage can. When cooking or using chemicals, the window should be wide open, especially if your condo or apartment does not have a vent or an exhaust. To stop the smell from lingering around and clinging on to your clothes, use natural remedies such as boiling citrus rinds and cinnamon bark. Air purifiers, scented candles, and coffee beans also work wonders.

Plan Your Space According To Your Days

Things will be a whole lot easier when your moves in your home are as smooth as you'd like to be with people that you want to impress. Evaluate your home design in terms of your daily routine. For instance, if you are a busy bachelor, a breakfast bar is just one of the great small space hacks that will eliminate the need for a dining table.

Come Clean

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It always pays off to have a clean apartment. You won't have to scramble around with last-minute cleaning whenever you have to offer your place. You won't also have problems with pests that may find your home their home, too.

Draw up a game plan against filth. Aside from the regular scrubbing, put vacuuming, maintenance and house sealing in your schedule. Keep your apartment spick and span and your guests won't regret coming over.

The image of the modern man renting condos and apartments should not resemble living in small and disorderly dorms. With these DIY home design and cleaning tips, every man can make any small living space a place that he can proudly call his own.