24/06/2013 08:38 BST | Updated 23/08/2013 06:12 BST

What Summer?

Hey you lot! Long time no speak.

This fashion crazy bint has been up to her eyes in web redesign, shoes, big girls City job, collaborating on a jewellery range and sniffing handbags that you will want to swap a kidney for...

But enough about me.

What have you been doing? No, don't tell me, I can guess. I bet, like me, you've been struggling to know what to wear in this weather?

As one who doesn't go to the supermarket without careful consideration to my whether my jacket vs shoes vs skinnies combo is a winner, the lack of warmth, sunshine and general malaise has been causing me no end of agro when getting dressed. In short, this weather has given me the fashion hump!

In desperation, I've reverted to my Autumn layering look, just adding my lighter Summer pieces that I've been hanging out to wear and beefing them up with cardi's, short jackets, long cotton scarves and boots.

As things don't look set to change that much, here is what to dig out of your wardrobe to cope with the summer failure and stop you being a fashion flop...

  • Short suede boots - try Ash Spiral boots in beige (they do an awesome copy of the Isabel Marant 'Dicker') and they look great with everything and mine are currently a fave.
  • Cowboy boots - vintage is best, so go dig around in your local vintage shop or thrift store. They need to look a bit battered.... Great with maxi or mini skirts in this weather if you don't want to expose too much leg due to the 'corn beef' look or because it's bloody cold!
  • Maxi dresses - yes I know it's nippy so throw over a cropped cotton knit, denim jacket or shirt (tie under the bust). This would look best over more fitted styles, otherwise you end up with too much material.
  • Get your white jeans out. Just do it. But instead of sparkly sandals, team them with your shoe boots. Tell them I said it was ok.
  • As well as great weather for ducks, it's been perfect for a light weight boucle-esque jacket (ASOS have been doing a super cheap, super fashionable range). Wear over a t-shirt or vest, smarter than a cardi and more funky.
  • I've been wearing my cropped denim jacket (TopShop) loads - but to give it a different look, I've bought some brightly coloured scarves for some umpf and have littered the pockets with vintage brooches.

You never know, July and August might be 90 degrees and then you can go forth in your hot lucky with that one....