21/11/2012 11:14 GMT | Updated 20/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Susan Calman - This Woman's Not for Turning Either - Soho Theatre - 3 1/2 Stars

This Lady's Not for Turning Either begins somewhat inconspicuously with Susan Calman initiating the proceedings by way of a tale of the most personal embarrassment of her career to date. However, after imploring her spectators to give her a hero's welcome to the stage, the crowd chants her name and she receives a standing ovation before her set even begins which hopefully goes some way to healing the scars of the warm reception she was denied from when supporting Russell Brand.

The Glaswegian lawyer turned Radio 4 favourite is a deeply intelligent and considered comedienne who veers wildly from witty observational comedy to crass confessions of which she's ashamed of yet also vehemently defends. This theme of confessional humour is forever prevalent throughout the show and is most apparent in the list that she's penned of reasons why no one should marry her, which provides the narrative structure from which Susan can build and elaborate from. This list serves as a useful tool in allowing her to explore her own personality quirks and peculiar impulses in great detail with the list serving as a good non-sequitur between points of self reflective comedy.

Particular highlights include the bizarre relationship she has with her cats, her ongoing obsession with the fictional character DCI Tennison from Prime Suspect and a relentless argument with her partner about The West Wing, which provokes a strong reaction from Susan. Calman is keen to paint herself as a 'mad cat lady' which is perhaps something of a cliché and some of the material isn't ground-breakingly original, but these can be forgiven in light of the skill and delivery which she employs.

Surprisingly, the show ends on a particularly poignant note as Susan tearfully mourns the illegality of same sex marriage leaving the audience with a pertinent political message which is impossible to ignore after the preceding hour of passionate and fun comedy.