Music's Influence

24/02/2012 14:36 GMT | Updated 24/04/2012 10:12 BST

Everybody feels the death of legend Whitney Houston and I'm sure we all wish her peace. When such Iconic people pass it becomes clear how their position in the world was watched by the masses. Musical legends performances, views and presence leave us with something to learn. A lesson good or bad, truth or fiction, in one way or another they leave their mark. I'm choosing not to listen to too much gossip and life story rubbish about Whitney and remember her as I did before, an incredible voice that made sense of emotions, and a smile that reached billions of hearts.

Every day routines can sometimes blend music into the background of your life, entertaining our subconscious; I can never remember every song I heard in a day, but I somehow hear myself humming songs I really don't know. I believe music has a huge impact on day-to-day goings on. Does anybody notice their self browsing longer in a shop if the music is making you tick, I've seen public school boys become street homies over three tracks in Topman. Imagine your M25 traffic jam without your tunes. You get played the sound of Wales whilst in the womb, cuddles through your break ups, a wedding song, a favorite song, a funeral song and somewhere a long the way Skoda convinced you their car was cool. It's everywhere! And it has to be.

Cultures have been changed and aided by music whether comforted, inspired or supported by the funds raised. Sounds of creativity enter the brain connecting to our energy and emotion. It can lift you up and ease your pain, or simply leave a message. Soldiers march to song, Gurus meditate, Junkies levitate, to some people it's all they have, glimmers of life and melody. For the majority it's become second nature to grab whatever sounds you like, and you don't have to be a fanatical record buyer to have music in your life.

In the modern world music collaborates and partners with huge brands contributing to image, useful in advertising, however being associated with a superstar comes with a big price tag. These big shot companies know how far a musical icon can reach. It's pushed to you from every direction, Music and what it says has become a part of people's personality. I wonder if a man making a decision of a lifetime could be swayed by a song.

There are articles about the music of today having a negative effect on our youth; I haven't wasted too much time on it. Personally I see any lyric as an expression. A license to express yourself should come free, even with no freedom, people speak through song. Any of the bad boy front, violent, even disgusting words of recent songs if even true are in some way a part of reality. I'm all for hearing the love but the world is a mess, maybe it's a good thing people unaware of these lifestyles are exposed to it. Generally a Google search on the music's contribution, influence and achievement to the world is positive.

As with most artists music has been the biggest thing in my life, I couldn't bear life without it. In a world where the natural environment plays building sites and sirens, we need songs and melody to find harmony. I'm thankful that the existence of music can never be lost. I live for it even if I try and break away for a few days the addiction kicks in. When the kettle starts singing to you it's a pretty clear sign what I'm missing. We should all have a soundtrack to our life.