29/10/2015 06:36 GMT | Updated 27/10/2016 06:12 BST

It's Time to Break Up With Facebook

You are the holder of limitless potential to create and leave a substantial imprint on this planet. You have many talents and passions that shouldn't be left untapped. It's so simple to spend time wasting your life on mundane activities that keep you from achieving your full potential. There's such a wealth of incredible knowledge out there on the internet on websites, blogs or forums. That's why I'm asking you to break up with Facebook.

When you find yourself with a spare minute on the train, in a cab, on the toilet, where do you turn? Facebook of course. It has become on of the go to methods of filling voids of time. It's all an illusion though. You end up scrolling mindlessly till your short moment of freedom has passed and then you flush the toilet being no better off (other than liberating your bowels). Turns out Chloe from high school just got married to the science teacher who you had always thought was a bit creepy. Essential life fulfilling gossip.

"Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people"

- Elanor Roosevelt

Facebook is the master of gossip content generation. Gone are the days where you had to be in the 'in' crowd to know the 'low down'. It's a way to keep constant tabs on every individual that has ever entered your life, from your best mates to that one dude you met at a party 10 years ago whilst you were waiting in the line to go to the bathroom. You are now in control of the gossip from your fingertips. Not only that, but you can now tag, comment and share with millions.

The average attention span of society is now down to just seven seconds. It takes you longer to tie your shoelaces. Lucky for slip-ons, otherwise we would have a whole bunch of people with half tied laces tripping over in the streets. I would assume the attention span on Facebook is even less, given that we have the ability to glide past innocuous posts about birthdays or graduations from people you don't even remember. Given our restless minds, half the time the screen is scrolling and all we see is a blur of wasted time.

Heavy Facebook use has been proven through studies to be linked with narcissism and low self esteem. It can also provoke depression, anxiety and envy. We have enough pressure in our lives already, without having to add to it. By seeing 'friends' living in what it seems like extraordinary fashion, we can become envious and depressed. You shouldn't be focussed on what others are achieving, but more focused on the potential you have to achieve.

We still require Facebook for practical purposes like direct contact with friends, birthday messages or work communication. So I put the challenge to you, not to delete Facebook, but just to remove it from quick access. No Web page bookmarks, no quick links on your phone and turn off notifications. Fill your cyber surfing time with ideas, not Dave's Sunday family bbq snaps.

Here is a list of the top 100 interesting blogs and websites from 2015 to get you started.

If that doesn't work, install Timewaste Timer. It will charge you $1 for every hour you spend on Facebook.