03/03/2014 08:00 GMT | Updated 30/04/2014 06:59 BST

Is Your Wedding Bloggable?


Main image by Chantal LaChance-Gibson

I am not one to shy away from a little bit of a rant and this article on BBC news riled me. Please have a read if you haven't already.

So, the rise of the bloggable wedding? The article starts off by listing The Holy Trinity of the blogging world. There are other blogs, I write one of them. Apparently, a feature on one of The Three are what brides are now aiming for.

And many brides hope their efforts will be rewarded with the ultimate accolade of "bloggable".

- Caroline Briggs

If you are one of these brides you really need to sit down and have a talk with yourself. Whilst I am not here to judge (much) you have lost sight of the true meaning of what you are doing and why your friends and family are travelling to be with you. It is not to sit on hay bales, it is not to pose with an oven in a field, it is not to tap on a vintage typewriter, it is to be with you and celebrate your love.

So with more and more photographers underlining "blogs" in red pen at the top of their marketing plan, are they shooting to appeal to a blogger or the bride?

- Caroline Briggs

I am going to breeze over this because I believe it to be a load of b*llocks. If anyone remembers Emma Case's "Carpetgate" then they will know that photographers shoot for the couple and not a blogger. The image of the carpet had such sentiment, and evoked so much nostalgia in others that there is no way it was contrived or pre-determined. Of course there will be some photographers who's eyes will light up when they see an expensive gown, a "bloggable" venue or a wedding jam packed with quirk. I just hope it is all there because you love it as a couple, and not because you think a blog will. Please also remember that you can hire as many vintage props as you like, if you don't invest in a decent photographer then your wedding will not be blogged, let alone leave you with beautiful mementos.

"I definitely think celebrity culture is part of it, wanting to seek fame in whatever guise it is,"

- Miriam Boote

Miriam, I will have you know, had her wedding blogged twice. Yes twice. This apparently was worth noting in the article. Why? I have no idea. Fame hungry? Don't blame photographers, wedding blogs, Pinterest, or celebrities for this. Blame yourselves. Like Kat says in the article, "take a wedding blog with a pinch of salt", especially when you treat them as a Holy Grail. If you want everyone to see your wedding because you think it is inspirational, for example, you only spent £1000 then fair enough. If it was a lavish affair and you want to show everyone how you hand carved swans from crystal to give as favours, then some (not all) may just think you are a bit of a fanny.

Let me tell you this, your wedding is bloggable. No it may not have had unicorns and you may not have looked like an extra from The Great Gatsby but believe it or not there is a home for every wedding. If the author of the article had taken some time to do a little research on other wedding blogs, she may have been able to list a few more for you and the types of wedding they feature.

If you planned your wedding with love and affection, included things that you enjoy and had it photographed beautifully then of course we all want to see it. It is great for all the wonderful suppliers you used to get a pat on the back for their good work. We want to feel like we were part of your day and feel inspired. As bloggers we fricking love weddings, but what we love about them the most is the emotion and joy that comes through in the images and the memories we know you will forever cherish.

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So yes, your wedding is bloggable. Does it really make any difference?