16/12/2014 20:34 GMT | Updated 15/02/2015 05:59 GMT

White Island Throbs With Festive Energy in Winter

Party destination of the world, Ibiza is hot both literally and figuratively during summer months. The hedonistic and indulging times would have ended in October when summer reaches an official end, and the 'White Island' known as Ibiza to the world, comes to don a different colour altogether.

The island turns colder (what a relief from the searing heat!) and quieter in winter months that start little while after the summer ends. Actually, like it happens with all hot tourist destinations in the world, those 'quieter' months are what bring you closer to the character of any place. The serenity turns into beauty that you can drink in, misty clouds hanging here and there, people out for walks instead of gyrating through the nights and tourists are less in number. In that sense, Ibiza comes into its own in times of solitude, like a brooding beauty.

If you are out looking for some 'Chirstmassy' fun, roads of Ibiza pack much excitement and shopping as they would do during other seasons. But, come here to see the nature serenading in all her grace, you will return with more sights and sounds you can ever imagine.

When the party scene ends with backpackers and high budget tourists leave the place, clubs offer brilliant stay packages to encourage others to visit them. Food is as good as it always was, since restaurants tone down their menu to some really workable and winter-specific items. Which means drink as much as you would have done during summer parties at this island, but that won't burn a hole in your pocket. This apart, there are wine festivals in December, Sunday roasts and live music almost everywhere you would turn to participate in.

What's more, the beaches are calm, water much clear and ponds glitter with seduction that only a person who enjoys some quality solitude would understand. That way, Ibiza is a place that really goes by the 'beauty lies in the eyes of beholder' kind of expression.

Winter has locals turning out a hearty chat with visitors. Summer has them all busy and going everywhere since the business is brisk and the lure of a quick buck often takes over grace and gratitude. Nightlife in Ibiza during winter months is more than awesome.

Ibiza since time immemorial has been this Mediterranean island which packs excitement mostly in excess. If you are in Ibiza and you return to your villa by midnight, it would really be a primitive thing to do. In this white island, night gets younger with every hour in the night. You hit the sack only by wee hours and wake up just in time to get ready for the party next evening.

It is as safe and as entertaining as it would be during peak tourist season, which happens to be summer. Imagine this, going to Ibiza during months that see half a million tourists in and out during few months in the middle of the year, can actually leave you high and dry.

Clubs go through refurbishment time now, which means you would be getting more than your money's worth since the competition isn't as hot. Food is as vivid and comes for almost half the price with you getting a neat three course meal and a drink thrown in for a mere 10 - 15 Euros. Stay again, is the best take away. You can rent villas with many bedrooms or if you are the kinds who prefers to stay alone in a single room villa with shared pool and barbeque, head this way.

Many summer villas turn into winter homes and pack as much delight as you can scoop out of the season. Self-drive island routes are beautiful during these months. There are special rates for off season clubbing which can make it fun for small groups that travel on shoestring budget too.