Things I Love - Key Additions to a Toddler's Capsule Wardrobe!

Things I Love - Key Additions to a Toddler's Capsule Wardrobe!

I've covered the capsule wardrobe so it's time for those special little additions; the things that catch your eye that you ( read, ' your little one' ) just have to have. Accessories, sleepwear, occasionwear. There are always those extras that you will want or need to purchase and they get a separate post because they are my top picks for the season.

Let start off with the easy one - Sleepwear. All kids need something to sleep in and to sleep in!! Yes, I know I have repeated myself but its intentional. These days we have sleepsacks instead of blankets or duvets. An ingenious invention that is basically a wearable duvet, a child's sleeping bag - thus avoiding covers kicked off in the night or covers over the head. There are quite a few on the market but for this and next season I have chosen the Babasac. Not only does it look gorgeous but it does three jobs instead of two as it is two togs - 1 and 2. Perfect for summer then into autumn/winter.

The next nighttime attire needed are a pair of pyjamas. Again, I've gone for dual purpose! I was very excited as Silver Sense makes a range of clothing and I chose a very cute, luxurious pair of pyjamas in blue with mustard detailing and with retro stripes and made with real silver running through them (no, you can't see it!). Silver is a natural, antibacterial agent and can help with eczema, inflammation and even chicken pox. I just loved the idea given that my little man sleeps in nappies all night - why not!

Next up and in no particular order is a summer jumper for special occasions! I've gone for a gorgeous navy and white striped poncho/ jumper from Milo et Mimi an online boutique specialising in beautiful children's clothes. It's made by P'tit Paris, a small independent French label, it's perfect for the weekend and can easily go on top of t-shirts, long-sleeved tops and equally be worn with jeans or smarter trousers. The perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe!

No British wardrobe is complete unfortunately without a raincoat and what a raincoat I've found. To protect Alexander on those drizzly days he still wants to go to the park is the Crazy Lizards raincoat from Impkids the online store that makes 'fun and funky' their business. It's machine washable, practical and oh so cool and made by a Canadian company, Hartley. Now I know from experience that the Canadians know how to dress for bad weather so this raincoat will more than do its job.

To complement a great raincoats, every kids needs a pair of wellies. Not just any old wellies either. These days there is no excuse not to look good from head to toe- mums take note! Poconido makes limited edition kidswear. All british designed and made, this time and founded by a footwear designer so I knew that we were in good hands before our two gorgeous pairs of wellies arrived (one for next season too!). 100% rubber, they are functional yet exclusive!

You may think that I'm being pessimistic with this post. I haven't really addressed summer now have I?! I have to admit that this post started at the beginning of April when we were seeing winter extended this year. However, we are now a couple of weeks on and the sun has decided to grace us with it's presence so in a fit of excitement I'm going all out loooxury! Cashmirino is the ultimate in luxury. An Italian company that dresses kids as kids should be dressed but think Portofino in the summer, or Forte dei Marmi. They are the worlds first children's cashmere brand with designs coming straight out of their flagship studio in Milan. I chose an amazing blazer and bermuda short combination. This definitely doesn't go to the park! I think we need to build an event around it. Perhaps even a holiday. Does anyone have a yacht that we could borrow for June?!