02/06/2015 13:03 BST | Updated 02/06/2016 06:59 BST

'Boyfriend Material': What to Wear on a First Date

Let's face it a first date is difficult enough for most men without the added worry of what to wear. With this simple advise you can rest assured your style will send the right message when making that all important first impression.

We are seemingly spoiled for choice when it comes to dating in the digital age, so to help you stand out from the crowd, I will show you how your appearance alone can speak volumes before you even utter the first "hello."

We all gravitate towards someone who is confident. The pressure to appear confident on a first date can get the better of even the most self-assured man. The answer to this problem is colour. It's so simple but wearing a little bit of colour goes a long way.

Men tend to shy away from colour because mainstream fashion has reserved the pleasure of colour for women's attire. Men were given almost no choice. Luckily today all that has changed.

You've heard the phrase 'real men wear pink' - well I swear by it - and so should you. Be it pink, green, red , or purple a display of colour on a man can act just like the display of brightly coloured plumage on a peacock trying to attract a mate. Trust me - it works!

I'm going to show you that a baby blue suit is your perfect match (even if your date turns out not to be).

This baby blue linen suit from Moss Bros. is a casual yet smart suit and the linen is breathable and light-weight- perfect for a hot summer date. I suggest wearing the whole suit if you're coming straight from work to meet your date during the week to give you a sharp professional look.

Pairing it with a crisp granddad white shirt from T.M Lewin, leaving the first button opened, gives the look a laid back vibe. You can choose to wear a nice pair of jeans (like these rolled up Mid Wash Skinny Denim from Next) or shorts should you be meeting your date on the weekend for a more casual outing. Slipping off the jacket and rolling up the sleeves of your shirt is for when the pressures off and your having fun. Loosening up a polished look is key to showing you can be relaxed as well as confident.

Mixing and matching then just becomes a matter of changing your shirt and shoes! Styling the suit with another short sleeve granddad collar navy shirt from FF Clothing gives you a lot of bang for your buck at £8 - paired with Woven Leather Closed Toe Sandal from Dune London you are killing the casual look.

Top tip: Loafers show off the ankle, a part of the body very much overlooked on a man, but one which is significantly attractive if displayed.

That's it! Dress it up with a bow tie or dress it down with jeans; a coloured suit is all you need this summer to look hot and stay cool.