23/08/2016 06:37 BST | Updated 21/08/2017 06:12 BST

Ten Highly Useful Items That Most People Forget To Take To Uni

There are tonnes of blog posts out there on what you need to take to Uni, but what about the items that everyone seems to forget? I moved from Essex to Cardiff for University and learnt the hard way that coming fully prepared makes the first few weeks a lot easier. Here is a list of the most underrated items I think you need:

1. Wooden spoons and spatulas: It's just something your mum has in the kitchen at home yet these are often forgotten about in the haste to go and buy saucepans, plates and cutlery. But they are essential for stirring and getting your food from the oven or pan onto your plate.

2. Colanders: I have had to drain pasta and rice using a pizza tray before because I didn't have one of these. My fingers ended up very burnt. Get yourself a colander.

3. Tea towels: Whether you are self-catering or not, you are going to want something to dry your hands on when you are in the kitchen, and if you're in a shared house these things tend to get dirty pretty quickly. Get yourself a set of non-white tea towels (so the dirt doesn't show up as much!)

4. A distinctive keyring: Losing your room key is always a nightmare and campus services aren't always the most helpful or understanding when you're locked out. Get yourself a distinctive keyring to help you keep track of where your keys are at.

5. A bottle opener: What can I say? You're a fresher and you will probably end up consuming a lot of alcohol. Yet for some reason there is normally only ever one bottle opener per flat and it often goes missing. Make sure you keep yours in your room.

6. Shot glasses: Not just for necking shots; they also double up as egg cups!

7. Framed photographs of your friends and family back home: Uni is great but it can get lonely sometimes. Some stylish photo frames with pictures of your friends and family go a long way to making your room feel like home.

8. Some cold/flu medication: It doesn't matter what anybody says, Fresher's Flu is real. And it sucks. And you will get it. Make sure you're prepared by having some cold and flu medication for when you arrive. Supermarket brands work just as well as the leading brands.

9. Your fancy dress box: Many many nights at university are centred around fancy dress, and even if they aren't, chances are you and your mates will go out for numerous birthday parties in fancy dress. Bring anything you have from home to give yourself a head start (and save yourself some money!)

10. A lamp for your room: A lamp makes everything seem so much more cosy and relaxed rather than always having the big light on. Plus it is great to have back up if your main light bulb blows late at night!