09/04/2013 16:33 BST | Updated 09/06/2013 06:12 BST

Is the Tank Top Back?

We like to have a little banter in our office on a regular basis. Recently we have been admiring the male colleagues fashion. The fruit industry is quite a male dominated one but the doesn't mean that there aren't dapper chaps; the guys in our office seem to be able to give the girls a run for their money in the shopping stakes.

A few weeks ago we were discussing the humble tank top. After one chap, let's call him "Mr C" was seen sporting on more than one occasion a nice tank top over his shirt. This gave rise to the topic being under general discussion; one colleague dismissing them saying that the last time he'd worn one he was as a three year old, whilst other colleagues raved about them and discussed at great length the pros and cons of such a style item.

It seems in the spring they are a wardrobe essential for chaps. Keeping the core warm whilst allowing your arms to be free and not allowing the wearer to get unnecessarily warm, where normally you would be needing to take a jumper off.

I commented on how I liked them as they were smart, came in all manner of styles these days but also meant that shirt sleeves weren't ruched underneath; like they are with sweaters and can look a little scruffy.

Roomy, comfortable and not too bold in colour were the requirements of the gentlemen. Not all are convinced of their style but none could question the practicality of such an item; smarter than a gilet, obviously less puffy and thus more conducive to working at a desk. We did have to explain the name of them to our Polish colleagues who weren't really aware of their actual title. A quick Internet browse also found them under the guise of "sleeveless sweater", "knitwear vest" and "light knit sweater vest" - merino wool seemed popular; offering warmth in the winter but not too much in the summer - keeping those vital organs warm on a chilly British spring day,

I wonder if it is just a phenomenon of our office or is this trend spreading like wildfire? A female friend of mine was browsing for a new work wardrobe and came across the same for women, a light knit to go over a work blouse or shirt. She wasn't sure that it worked for women in the same as for men, some how it was less of a smart look.

Will you be buying one for your chap soon? Will your colleagues be sporting a tank top this season?