London Fashion Week SS13 - Street Style

16/09/2012 21:50 BST | Updated 16/11/2012 10:12 GMT

September is my favourite month. Not because it's the end of summer and the nights are drawing in. Not because the kids go back to school but mainly due to it being Fashion Month. The big hefty 1kg+ fashion magazines land on my door step (too big to go through the letter box) and the press pass for New Zealand Fashion Week and London Fashion Week arrives.

This season in the heart of London at Somerset House on The Strand it's all about looking ahead to Spring/Summer 2013 fashion and as I grabbed my press pass and a coffee, it was time to start looking around. Normally when I'm in the city I say "look up" as you never know what you might see that you never notice at ground level - but at LFW as we like to call it, it pays to look all around you.

As Linda Grant wrote in The Daily (for London Fashion Week), "The cobbled courtyard is a catwalk, who are the girls and boys without passes that everyone is photographing?". Street Style bloggers are everywhere, actually this season I noticed less (which I actually think is good) but I thought I would let you in on the trends on the streets at LFW SS13.

Neon Heights


The first thing I noticed when chilling out, people watching and catching some late September rays was the amount of neon about. In accessories, in shoes and in clothing. I was really impressed with the glowing footwear that was out there. For me, to work on the neon trend the clutch would be the way forward. A injection of colour without an overdose. It was a brightening element to forthcoming autumn.

Party Pants


Now, I have a lot of friends who have taken to calling their trousers, "pants". I now own a pair of pyjama pants (I never thought I would). To me a pair of trousers is a structured thing. Cigarette style, suit trousers, bootcut. The "pants" we saw at LFW this weekend were definitely more like my pj pants, loose, comfy and trés chic and might colourful too. There were some fabulous cuts and amazing patterns and prints on parade.

Dapper Men


There really are some fabulous mens outfits at London Fashion Week. It's not just the women's domain. Dapper gents were on parade, in beautiful coloured suits, accessorised perfectly. Man bags at the ready, jewellery and bow-ties and my personal favourite, a fabulous guy braving it in shorts with the cutest tank top on ever!

Street Style


Then there are the group of fabulous people with beautiful ensembles. Well put together pieces to great fabulous fashion week outfits. They don't fit in a category, in a section - I just love their looks. Particularly the threesome strutting their stuff across Somerset House, all three of them with individual style and a great look.

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