31/10/2016 08:24 GMT | Updated 31/10/2017 05:12 GMT

25 Undeniable Signs You're 25

Tetra Images via Getty Images

Earlier this month I turned 25 and since then friends, family and colleagues seem hell-bent on reminding me that I'm well and truly an adult.

If they aren't asking me how it feels to be a "quarter of a century old" they're reminding me that I'm "halfway to 50".

Yep, 25 is the year "happy birthday" goes out the window and instead, everyone reminds you you're one step closer to death.

If this sounds familiar, here are 25 other signs you've turned 25.

1) Your dad tells you you're too old for Topshop

- You see the latest collection of crop tops and realise he may have a point.

2) Cheese and wine evenings have snuck into your diary

- But you still buy whichever wine is on offer.

3) It's impossible to find your mates on Facebook

- Mostly because they're actual teachers with mysterious online aliases.

4) You're no longer the youngest person in your office

- Meaning you can no longer blame mistakes on "the inexperience of youth".

5) At least one person in your friendship group owns a house

- Or a tiny flat their parents helped with, but still.

6) Half your mates spend every other moment on Tinder

- The other half are planning their weddings.

7) People start asking you when you're going to get married

- Please, you're practically young enough to be a flower girl...right?

8) You no longer know anyone at your old uni

- And a night out at your old student union has zero appeal.

9) You can't remember the last time you ate McDonald's sober

- But you're not above ordering a Big Mac after a bevy or two.

10) You can't remember the names of your school teachers

- Seriously, who taught you year 9 Geography?

11) At least half a dozen people in your school year have children

- Yet you can't keep your cactus alive.

12) You're obsessed with your new cactus

- And all other interiors. Hellooo overpriced candles.

13) You go for brunch. All the time

- Particularly the bottomless kind.

14) You've gained unwelcome wrinkles around your eyes

- And have subsequently bulk bought anti-wrinkle cream.

15) You're finally following the shopping mantra: "less clothes, better quality"

- But you still ignore every hand wash label in existence.

16) Your mates have started to gain pets

- You're considering a low-maintenance goldfish.

17) You go on a night out and wonder why there are so many children around

- Then vow to only go to bars with an over 21 policy.

18) You realise you now favour bars over clubs

- And can't remember the last time you had a Jägerbomb.

19) Arguing with your parents has become a thing of the past

- These days, they sometimes ask for your advice.

20) One of your mates has moved abroad

- And you've visited, because you've (almost) mastered the art of saving.

21) You've booked in your smear test

- And if you haven't, get on with it.

22) You're still registered at the dentist in your hometown

- It's a faff to get there, but it's more of a faff to change.

23) You've stopped saying 'yes' to things you don't want to go to

- And have well and truly discovered the Joy Of Missing Out.

24) You finally know what you're doing at work

- And have helped someone younger get on the career ladder.

25) You're more confident then you have ever been.

- And you realise that 25 isn't so bad after all.