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Miscalculating With Menopause!

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What are the biggest mistakes we can make when going into menopause and getting older?

Well, there are many! We forget we are not 20 anymore - although, in our heads we are, just with more knowledge now! We have all seen them, the people that make huge miscalculations on what they are wearing, how they act - hence phrases such as 'mutton dressed as lamb' are now common!

I am sure there are more than mistakes that can be made than I will list here, but here are a few to watch out for!

1. Not changing the way your dress, or your hair or even makeup. After all, it is better to age gracefully than to try to keep looking younger than you are (and doing this can generally make you look older than you are !

2. Finding clothes that flatter you. Yes, it would be great to be a very small size and to be able to wear what is the latest fashion...but the reality is... our bodies are changing!

3. Looking at old photo's and wondering what happened! Sometimes, I look at photo's and wonder who it is in the picture! It can be soul destroying! Especially is someone you are with asks 'who is that'!!

4. Not getting enough sleep.... Oh how I would love to be able to party into the 'wee' hours of the morning and still look ok for work the next day, but no, sometimes people say I look tired even when I have had loads of sleep (and yes, I would like to punch them in the face when they say that!)

5. Not looking after your teeth properly - well, this is something I tend to ignore...and my other half is a dentist (oh, the lectures I get!). It is easy to forget about them though, until something goes wrong!

6. Using Botox or similar - OK, this is a hard one, I sometimes think I would like to use some, but I also worry if I do, I might end up looking scary and unnatural! After all, a few wrinkles show character (this is what I tell myself - and I am sticking to it!!)

7. Choosing a hair style that suits - now, I already had quite thin hair, so when people tell me as I get older it will get even thinner - it does make me panic a little! However...I have toned down my blonde colouring!

8. Using heavy makeup! Lets face it, even on young ones, this looks a bit ridiculous!

9. Not wearing the right type of bra to suit your 'new' body shape! Yes, we are all guilty of this!

10. Not facing facts - yes, tweezers, hair removal creams, sore joints, aching, wrinkles and more are just now a part of our life!

Yes, I am probably guilty of most of these things. I try not to be, but there are days when I think - 'Oh that looks good, I might buy that' then try it on and discover that no, it doesn't look any good, in fact, sometimes I look TERRIBLE!

So, onwards and upwards! What changes are you making to make sure you are not 'mutton dressed as lamb'!!

Mags xx

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