05/01/2017 09:30 GMT | Updated 06/01/2018 05:12 GMT

New Challenges

Well, I can honestly say, after starting a new job this week, it is much easier to get things done when you are a MAGS!

In previous roles, I have spent time 'sounding out' the teams around me, working out which ones I can depend on, and which ones will be moving on in the near future!! I have spent hours and hours working out team meetings, planners for marketing and moving the business forward, and hours and hours getting used to the business.

Now I am middle aged, this is much easier to do! I find it easier to 'read' the team, I have team meetings already written (some in my head, but mostly on paper!) I have already set up staff training sessions, put a marketing plan into place, and feel I know what the business needs.

I also do not like the word No! One of the team I have inherited said it to me today when I asked her to do something...I do not take this well! She is already skating on thin ground, and I have only just started!

I feel now I am middle aged, I can ask for things, demand I am listened to, and get the team focused quickly. It all seems second nature to me now!

The thing that I find really frustrating is the difference in generation. Majority of my team are under 25...and some (not all, majority are fine!) seem to think the world owes them something...and they shouldn't have to work hard to get it! I just do not understand this AT ALL!

I read a survey which said Millennials work harder than the rest of us. I also read a survey which has been running since 1976 which concluded the following:

Boomers Gen X Millennials

Don't want to work hard 26% 30% 38%

Willing to work overtime 59% 56% 47%

If had enough money would not want to work 22% 26% 29%

Now, this one I believe! It is so hard to try to get Millennials to work hard! I do not know why!

I come from a generation where working hard was something you did to make something of yourself. I originally came from Australia, where I was raised to believe it didn't matter how you started out in life, you could go on to do great things! Work ethic was something instilled in me from an early age.

I have to say, even if I was filthy rich (and that isn't likely to happen!) I would still want to do something. Even if I wasn't working, I would have to take up projects to keep me occupied! I cannot imagine having nothing to do all day. It is not something I would enjoy at all.

Of course, now that I am middle aged, and find the basics of the business easier than I did when I was younger, I also find I get bored more easily. I am always trying to come up with new ideas to keep work exciting and different...

As it is Year of the MAGS, I intend on showing the world I still have everything in me to make things wonderful! I love the age I am at now, I love that I know enough to get through the day to day of business, and that I am not afraid to keep learning new things to help not only the business, but myself grow as well!

I just wish my body thought the same!!

I have to say, I get tired more easily, and today was having hot flushes at work - which just makes me look angry! I had to just keep saying to the staff that I was really hot...and that I wasn't angry at all!

But, hopefully, my body will get the picture soon, and stop trying to tell me to slow down!!

Mags xx

PS - keep your eyes peeled - Mags merchandise store launches next week! Woo hoo!

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