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New Year Or Life 'Resolutions'!

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As this year draws to a close, we all become excited about the new year, and what it will bring for us. I have always been one of the worst offenders!

The New year started being celebrated in 2000BC in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and started on the 1st of March and the year only ran for 10 months. Then, in Rome in 153BC the calendar was changed to 12 months, and the 1st of January became the start of the new year. It seems as human beings, we value a 'new start'!

This time of year, I generally give up on the year that has been, and start talking about how good the next year is going to be. I usually stop worrying about things that have gone wrong over the last 12 months, and start thinking about how wonderful things will be from the 1st of January!

The problem with this, is, as I get older, I know that the 1st of January will be no different to the 31st of December (except that I am aware that I will be probably will be hungover and tired, especially now my body doesn't like me if I stay up after midnight).

This year, we have had Brexit and the US elections. Wars going on in places such as Syria and so much more. We are kidding ourselves if we think things won't change over the coming years, whether they will be good changes or not is debatable. I have had some big family things happen this year. My father died, and although we were not close, it does make you think about your own mortality, and others close to me have illnesses which will take along time to get over.

I have also had some big life changes this year. I have moved to a country where the end of the year is actually on the 27th of January this feeling obliged to celebrate both really! Hopefully, I will stay awake for at least one of them!

All in all, I haven't felt 2016 was a good year. I do hope 2017 will be so much better, and even though I don't believe in horoscopes, I do like to read them if they are 'good news'! I will search through various websites until I find the horoscope that is a good one (cheating I know!). I am yet to find a fabulous one for 2017 for me!

Now, I have friends which are so excited for the coming year, they want big things to happen! Yes, of course I am also looking forward to it, but I do wonder if 2017 actually will be better, or if things will just keep going along the same way?

We all make New Years resolutions, which I know most of us have forgotten about by early to mid January.

Yes, maybe this all sounds a bit negative...but maybe with age I am just a little more realistic! Things don't change just because a New Year has started, I know that things only change if we want to make those changes happen and start doing things differently.

So, this year, I decided to make some changes before the New Year. Hubby and I are not so happy in the house we are living in, so we have already put it all in motion to move sooner rather than later. I have made enquiries about doing some work training with a hospitality school here, and I am already making plans for future businesses. My New Years resolution has already begun!

What is my New Years resolution? Well, it is actually more of a 'Life Resolution'

When I am unhappy with something in my life...make changes and fix it - at any time of year!

Mags xx