21/12/2016 09:43 GMT | Updated 22/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Paris Hilton And Lidl?

Just when I thought there was nothing else that could happen in 2016 that would surprise me or shock me, I have just found out that Paris Hilton is going to have a range in Lidl!

The world have officially gone nuts!

Now, I have put up with things not going as planned in my career and in my family life this year, I have put up with Brexit (which I never thought would happen!), and I have put up with the fact that Donald Trump will be the next US president (which I thought was my final shock of the year!), finding out about the war in Syria and how bad it is, and now I find out Paris Hilton is going to be selling stuff through Lidl. This, just makes 2016 laughable in my eyes!

That, is the last place I would have thought she would have wanted to put a range of products!

No offence to Lidl, but it is not somewhere I shop. I am more of a Sainsburys, M&S or Waitrose type of girl. Even then, I only do grocery shopping there! I buy my clothes in clothes stores or online.

I know, it makes me sound a bit like a snob - I'm not, I just consider them to be different shopping experiences (I hate grocery shopping, and can just handle clothes shopping...I am not a huge lover of shopping!). I prefer to do most of my shopping online. It saves me the hassle of having to deal with other people when I want to go shopping! I don't like trying on clothes with some little pint sized skinny sales assistant telling me I look fabulous in something that I know is not even covering up half my middle aged spread!

So, why is Paris Hilton selling though Lidl? Who knows, but I would have thought she would have picked a store that was a little more upmarket (no offence again Lidl, but you have to admit, you are not really a store that shouts 'fashion'!).

I know Paris is getting older - she is 35 not far off being a #Mags herself! But this doesn't mean she has to sell her stuff through Lidl surely? She seems to do very well for herself financially, I can't imagine she needs the cash?!

I have read articles from her before, where she says she is making it on her own, and works hard to make money herself, and doesn't take from her parents. But I do feel that her name alone would open up doors that many of us will never be able to access. I would have thought that a higher end supermarket would have been more her style?

Now, I could be over-reacting. After all, I have never been to a Lidl store, but I always picture it to be like a Walmart in the USA...I picture lots of people in tracksuits (not nice ones!)...maybe I am completely wrong! Maybe I am just being a bit snobby! Feel free to tell me if I am wrong, but I don't think that will make me want to shop there!

So, Paris, would love to know why you are going into Lidl!

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