Ten Reasons Why Being A MAGS Is Fabulous!

24/01/2017 11:14 GMT | Updated 25/01/2018 10:12 GMT

So, here we go again... another birthday nearly here, and another year older.

Am I worried? Well, this year, not at all! I remember when I was turning 40, I went through a whole panic about how I thought my life was ending, that I would no longer be able to do all the things I wanted.

Well, my life didn't end! In fact, it was almost as if it was just beginning! I am now in my late (very late!) 40s and I am loving it.

Yes, I have to deal with all the symptoms of oncoming menopause. Yes, I have a middle aged spread going on. Yes, I have wrinkles. And yes, I haven't got the energy I used to have. But...

1. I know more about myself than ever before - I am not frightened to say how I feel or if I want to say 'no' to something I don't want to do.

2. I am not obsessed with how many friends I have, the few I have are worth their weight in gold. I am more into quality than quantity!

3. I no longer feel the need to please everyone around me all the time. I can do things if I want to, even if others disapprove

4. I can have chocolate cake for breakfast if I want - no-one can tell me I can't, and my son is grown... so I don't need to be responsible in that way anymore!

5. The housework can wait - yes, i like to live in a clean house (I am not dirty!!), but I don't have to be obsessed anymore about it being perfect all the time!

6. I can sit in a cafe, and people watch for hours, without worrying if people are staring at me because I am sitting on my own!

7. I can go to the supermarket without makeup - who is going to care if I wear it to go buy milk! Not me!

8. Not only can I have chocolate cake for breakfast, I can also have it for dinner if I want!

9. I like slippers - there I said it! They are comfy, and I will wear them at home! (thinking I might go out in them when I get really old!)

10. I am not afraid to put on loud music and dance around my lounge room singing at the top of my voice. This should be compulsory I think for all women - it releases so much stress, and is SO MUCH FUN!

I know, I know, sometimes menopause can take over and make us all feel... well, like crap (and that is putting it mildly!). Yes, tiredness and mood swings can take over and make it hard to think in a positive way.

But - I refuse to let that dampen my spirits! I will enjoy the time I have now and the years to come! It should be a fun and empowering time in our lives... and I for one am going to enjoy every minute!

So, eat chocolate cake, wear slippers, dance around, listen to music you love and go to the supermarket without make up on!


Mags xx