23/01/2017 11:31 GMT | Updated 24/01/2018 05:12 GMT

Those F**kin Hot Flashes!

This week I have heard from a lady on Twitter about how her hot flashes are so bad, she said: I have "zero quality of life because of hot flashes....I'm so miserable:("

I feel so awful for her. Why, oh why, has no-one come up with a cure for this sort of thing? Why is there not a pill we can just pop and it will work for everyone and is completely safe?

I know, there are things you can take, such as hormone therapies, but they don't always work, and then there are others that say they are not the safe thing to take!

Arrrrggghhh, who do we believe? I am not taking anything (except a medicinal glass of wine on occasion! Of course, there are those that say you shouldn't drink whilst feeling menopausal, but I dare anyone to try to take that wine off me if I am having a mood swing!)

I do find making sure I do positive things for myself help (a lot!!). Not sure if that is down to wanting to fix oncoming menopause, or about just being more selfish! Hehehe!

I am trying to ignore the bad things going on around me; I love politics, but I find it too distressing to watch the way the world is going now, it's all making me tired (and a little fed up that the world is not a better place). I also find when I see good things, it doesn't matter if I am having a mood swing, or hot flashes, I find if I start to focus on the good around me, the symptoms become less and less. Of course, I do burst into tears on occasion - but it is all in a good way.

Last night I went to an event and one of the things that happened - it was a beautiful inspiring thing - made me want to burst into tears immediately. I couldn't - as I was surrounded by my staff, but I also know that they must have thought I was turning crazy, as the harder I tried not to cry, I am sure my face was contorting in weird ways!!!

I have decided today, that I am going to focus more on the good around me. I refuse to let something like a mood swing or hot flash affect my life so much that I cannot function.

I am fully aware that some women get it much worse than what I am probably going through, so I hope that one day, someone, somewhere will come up with a proper solution. I know there are studies going on at the moment to see if there is a link to genes as to how bad your symptoms will be (I would be surprised quite frankly if they weren't!), but that doesn't mean we will get a proper solution anytime soon!

So, hence my need for good things around me, and doing good things for myself!

I am off to soak in a bath, and later on, I will have a lovely glass of wine.

Am I going to see the good in today? Absolutely!!

Mags xx

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