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When Will Someone Fix This?

Ok, yes, I have been bad...I haven't been writing for a few weeks...why?

Just so busy!! But - in a good way. Last weekend, I took a trip to Hanoi - with hubby, but for work! Lovely - except for one small, tiny thing!!

Since becoming a Middle Aged girl (MAGS) - I have complained about getting older, hot flushes, menopause....oh the list goes on.

BUT - I am yet to complain about showers that are put over bathtubs. Don't get me wrong...I love a good bathtub, I love to soak in baths, I love to soak in bubbles in a bathtub, I even will go as far as eating chocolate or having a glass of wine in a bathtub.....but I don't love having to climb into one to have a shower.

My bones creak, body aches - getting into a shower should relieve those symptoms! But no! Some bright spark out there (I don't want to put blame on anyone - but I bet it was a bloke!)

So, at home, my bathtub has the shower over the top - but it is not too high or big. This - I can cope with! This one was designed by someone sensible.

When we arrived in Hanoi, we checked into the hotel. First thing I always check - the bathroom (usually determines whether we can stay there or not). I looked into the bathroom and I was over the moon! How fabulous - a large spa bath in the bathroom! Can't say I was expecting it, we weren't staying five star.

I started planning in my head - how many baths could I fit in as we were only in the city for 48 hours (turns out - only two!!). I had the bubbles at the ready (travel tip - always, always take bubbles with you in case the hotel room has a fabulous bathtub - of course, if you are someone that goes camping - don't bother!!)!

That evening, after we had been to dinner, we go back to the room, and I decide to have a shower. That is when I realised....


So, bones creaking, I try not to slip whilst climbing in, cursing the people who installed and designed the bathroom.

Ok, yes, I am making a drama out of something small, after all, I did get to have two fabulous soaky baths whilst I was there...


There was space (well, there would be if they made the room bigger!). I remember years ago giggling at an advertisement on TV for baths for old people, where they opened a door on the side to get in (no, I don't understand how the water didn't flood out either!). I remember actually thinking 'who would buy one of those bathtubs'?

Turns out - probably someone like me! After all, being a Middle aged girl is hard enough...why make it harder having to climb into the shower!!

Am I becoming a grumpy old MAGS - well - maybe, but I don't care...I have earned it!!

Mags xx