01/11/2012 12:48 GMT | Updated 30/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Review: John Bishop, Rollercoaster Tour, SECC Glasgow

So when I got the invitation to attend the John Bishop Rollercoaster gig, I was excited beyond words. I have a huge school-girl crush on him! Been trying to figure out if it's just because he makes me laugh so much, I literally wet my pants! Or if it's because he's a very attractive man!

Well the Glasgow leg of his tour did not disappoint. He had three dates in Glasgow and we went along to see him on his third night. He was on top form; we laughed so much our sides hurt. And, yes he was very charismatic and attractive, and probably THE funniest act I have seen for a long time.

What I most admire about John is that nothing and I mean nothing is off limits! He will bring family, friends, celebs etc all into his act, without batting an eyelid. He delivers his performance with such ease, that there is no way that you would believe that this had been his third night on stage. He is the bravest man I know because he touched on a subject that anyone who visits Scotland knows they shouldn't touch for love or money. Football! Scots take their football more seriously than probably ANYTHING! Football in Scotland is sacred. And there's a very big divide. You either belong to Rangers or the opposing team Celtic, the driving force is of course religion. Celtic if you are Catholic, and Rangers if you are Protestant.

This topic is more taboo than taking the mickey out of someone's mother. Yet John being John, dived right in and hit the Scots where it hurts most, straight for the jugular, he went for it! And started ripping into the fact that Rangers are having a terrible time with all their money troubles. Instead of getting heckled off the stage, the audience actually laughed, and that shows a truly awesome audience, and of course brilliant showmanship from John who didn't step lightly and just went for it, but he delivered it with such charisma he had the audience eating out of his palm. Me, being a Rangers girl, and my bf who I had taken along with me for the night being a Celtic girl, we both found ourselves laughing and not being miffed in the slightest.

John arrived on the stage down one of these traditional type fair-ground slides, and immediately started taking the piss out of himself first! Now without doubt this is the way to win over a Scottish audience! If you don't take yourself too seriously you have got our vote. From then onwards everything the man said had us bent double. From start to finish John was too funny, and it was so sad when the show came to an end. He didn't disappoint though and did a dance number at the end and had us all singing and clapping along, perfect end to a great show.