23/02/2015 11:48 GMT | Updated 20/04/2015 06:59 BST

When is boob, ok?

To all you diehard Fifty Shades fans, I'm sure you're like me and have already seen the film. What did you think? A bit slow... a bit bland perhaps? One thing is for sure, the film was not as good as the book, and nor was it as explicit. My girlfriends and I booked our cinema tickets expecting a cinematic version of soft porn; heck, we were even promised a glimpse of Jamie Dornan's down-belows. Sad to say, that promise was big, fat and empty.

One thing we did see a lot of however was Dakota Johnson's bare breasts, and even barer ribs. What a surprise I hear you cry! Breasts! What a given! It was interesting to hear the mutter of opinion on this after the film. It didn't go unnoticed amongst the female audience that Anastasia exposed herself a lot, while Christian kept his modesty firmly under wraps. But why is this ok? When did boob become, ok?

In the fashion world, models' breasts are regularly exposed. Just this week in New York sheer, softly-softly fabrics emerged as a key trend for autumn winter 15; a look that has held its appeal for a few seasons now. At Rodarte, appliquéd blouses had a peekaboo effect, with bare nipples visible through the barely-there fabric. This theme continued as deep, plunge neck blouses - again finished with delicate appliquéd lace - were further stripped back. They were pretty, and erotic. This was ladylike dressing for those that like to tease.

Jason Wu introduced a new sensuality to his AW15 collection with his body-skimming, translucent dress that was expertly crafted out of a very fine net weave. Ribbed down the centre, at the neckline and on the sides, the dress was elegant, sophisticated and desirable in a number of ways, yet it exposed the breasts. Nestled amongst indulgent cashmere coats, heavy fur stoles and smart tailoring it came as a surprise; Wu's risqué eveningwear transported his customer from day-to-night, from desk-to-bedroom.

There is argument that the latter does not fully expose the breasts. The catwalk merely hints at what is below, and what we all know to be there. But in the same instance as Fifty Shades of Grey, when was the last time a male model exposed himself in a menswear collection? That is still absolutely not ok - it would shock and appal the industry. Boobs have found a new benchmark: women are encouraged to show them, and to flaunt them.

Perhaps Fifty Shades' themes and sexualised nature has inadvertently had more influence than we care to admit.