Travelling With My iPad

22/07/2011 15:29 BST | Updated 21/09/2011 10:12 BST

I literally travel around the world a few times a year. Everything has happened to me travelling. I've lost my trunks, I've missed my flight and I have even gotten on the wrong plane but I love it and never tire of going new places, meeting new people and seeing new sights. I like to travel with a companion; for me it's my white maltese Lou Lou. She's an excellent traveller and loves to go everywhere with me.

When I'm on the road I always have my Apple iPad with me. It's the easiest way to stay up to date and do a little online surfing during the down time in the airport lounge waiting for flights. Whether I'm at Charles de Gaulle, Heathrow or JFK in New York, I'm always looking for unusual finds and searching out the newest restaurants and clubs to go to with friends. I love how the whole world is so connected now. It's amazing how a woman in Turkey and a woman in Des Moines can buy the same gown with just a click on the keyboard.

When I am back home designing, I always think of the women I've met on my travels. They love the best of the best; elegant designs and couture details in construction, but are busy like me and don't have the time to browse through hectic boutiques like Colette in Paris or Harvey Nichols in London. Life moves so quickly now that no one has time to spend a day trying on clothing. Between the demands of home and work, women want to be able to go online, pick out what they want and instantly order up the latest ready-to-wear and bridal designs and have them delivered to their doorstep. It's so much more fun than trying them on in a poorly lit dressing room.

Thinking of them, I've launched a small collection of styles on this month. Shopbop has grown to become one of the best online fashion retailers in the world. Curated with the same chic, modern woman in mind that I design for, Shopbop offers a great collection of designer apparel and accessories. I can't wait to see which are the online best-sellers. I like to think of this woman in London, Paris or Beirut with an event to shop for clicking on evening gowns and even wedding dresses from wherever she happens to be. The world is so big and so small at the same time.