17/09/2013 07:24 BST | Updated 16/11/2013 05:12 GMT

How to Make the Most of Square Meal: Venues and Events? The Expert's Guide

Square Meal: Venues & Events, London's largest venue showcase arrives in the Capital this week, showing off some of the city's biggest and most popular venues.

The event is a mecca for regular event bookers and wedding organisers. But a visit can - if not planned properly - be utterly overwhelming. As a seasoned visitor, here are my 5 rules for making the very best of V&E and ensuring you come out with the venue of your dreams.

Rule 1) Get Prepared.

You can always spot the newbies at V&E, they're the ones wandering aimlessly holding a map upside down and being pulled in by every venue manager, they're exhausted after an hour and haven't spoken to any of their favourite venues. Stay ahead by having a look at the Square Meal venue list before the event, tick off the ones you want to visit and find them on the map. This is a military operation my friends!

Rule 2) Stay hydrated.

Like I said this is a military operation, you wouldn't catch the SAS dehydrated would you!

Rule 3) Be selective

A week after Venues & Events your inbox will be full of 'Great to meet you at V&E last week'' emails, make sure you only hear from the ones you want to hear from by being sparing with who you let scan your contact details.

Rule 4) Win the freebee free-for-all

The old saying goes there is no such thing as a free lunch, RUBBISH! At Venues & Events you can get a free lunch, breakfast, afternoon tea and a goodie bag for the tube!

Rule 5) Book fast!

The best venues go quick, stay ahead of the game and use Hire Space's specially selected venue page for the event to make a fast provisional booking, just select the venue you're interested in, click 'Book it' and the bookings team will do the rest.

Hope this helps, and remember, stay ahead, eat to your heart's content and stay hydrated!